Saving power with solar geysers

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Saving power with solar geysers

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solarrA WELL designed and installed solar geyser system will save you 25-30 percent off your electricity bill and will give you peace of mind to know you will nearly always have hot water at the home, school, hospital or workplace. In Africa, we have an abundance of good quality sunshine throughout most of the year and this sunshine is seldom reduced by high levels of smoke, smog and pollution as happens elsewhere in the world. This freely available source of thermal energy is ideally suited to create hot water for storage and use and is fully renewable and free.

Using solar geysers is extremely green and efficient; it also reduces the reliance on fossil fuels and electricity; they directly reduce carbon dioxide emissions which contribute to global warming. The average household can reduce CO2 emissions by 20 percent by using solar geysers. So apart from the luxury of hot water most days, you can feel good about reducing your carbon footprint and helping save the environment.

Hot water can be heated using solar by very simply passing water through laid out coils of black piping; flat plate heat collectors with copper tubes mounted in black boxes with glass panels; vacuum tubes with heat absorbing material within the vacuum of the tube and etc.

The new technology vacuum tube type solar geysers are extremely efficient with very high thermal to hot water conversion. Due to the vacuum in the tubes and the excellent insulation of the tanks, they retain their heat extremely well overnight and for some days.

A solar geyser should have an electrical element with a temperature/timer controller box for times of overcast rainy days and for night time heating to top up hot water for morning use. These are affordable and easy to install and with the savings from your electricity bill will pay for itself in a very short space of time.

Uses and advantages of solar water geysers
1.  Domestic; non-pressure and pressure geysers to suit all domestic household requirements; lodges and tourist resorts; mining and housing complexes, sizes ranging from 70l to 500l.
2. Industrial; non-pressure and pressure options that can be custom designed for: schools; hotels; clinics and hospitals; kitchens and catering and etc. Sizes range from 500l to 15 000l and larger.
3. Ideal for rural and urban areas without electricity; reduces electricity costs by 25 to 30 percent; very quick payback period; environmentally friendly as they reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over 20 percent; easy to install; easy to maintain; cost effective in comparison to purchasing traditional electric geysers.

All systems can be custom designed to suit all clients requirements as per above uses. Optional extras include electrical element back-up with electronic controllers; heat pumps and pressure pumps.

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