Sassy Interiors adds touch of class in homes and offices

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As the entrepreneurship drive and housing for all narrative continues to gain momentum, so much attention has been driven towards quality home and interior design, with many homeowners and business people investing a fortune into beautifying their homes and offices.

While the phenomenon has become largely widespread, it is the more innovative and adaptive players in the sector that are fast making a name at a national level.

Such enterprising players in interior design and décor have become powerhouses with individuals, institutions and corporates lining up for their services.

One such player is ‘Sassy Interiors’, a passion-turned-into-business venture co-founded by the husband-and-wife duo of Munyaradzi and Chantelle Rukwava providing décor consultancy, décor ornaments, curtaining and rods, blinds, tailor- made furniture and related services in the interior design and décor industry.

The young couple, who started their interior design business as Sassy Décor back in 2018, have since morphed into a powerhouse interior design business.

Speaking to The Herald on Saturday Lifestyle, Sassy Interiors co-founder Chantelle said they started off with a view to just try things out seeing how their passion was growing, but their success to date has been more than encouraging.

“We started off as Sassy Décor in 2018 and we were generally inspired by the passion for interior design and lifestyle,” said Chantelle.

“It was all about turning our passion into a business but we are happy that our business has grown in leaps in bounds with a growing clientele around Zimbabwe which has seen us expanding and opening a new branch in Avondale.”

Chantelle’s sentiments were echoed by her husband and partner Munyaradzi, who said their uniqueness had made them a powerhouse in the interior design business.

“At Sassy Interiors we offer a unique personalised touch to suit your particular taste as well as your liking and that has made us a darling of various clientele drawn from the various sectors of the economy.

“We were initially catering to individuals but have moved to institutional, corporate as well as construction industry clients. The brand continues to grow by the day thanks to our unparalleled workmanship and treasured customer experience,” he said.

As competition in interior design continues to grow, Munyaradzi said their uniqueness has made them a darling of many.

“We understand that every customer is unique. We offer deco consultancy services to meet the needs of every client. We use market-tested and tailor-made services for every client and that has made our every work and project a signature effort.

“We offer personalized service whereby you come to us and you tell us what exactly you want your place to be like and we will assist you in developing that. All our clients have become our de-facto brand ambassadors thanks to the guaranteed customer satisfaction,” he said.

Munyaradzi said interior design is a gateway to the success of every business venture at the same time giving the perfect aura for every home.

“We are bringing beauty into homes with our quality services and products and we are happy that we are fast making an impression at national and international level.

“For corporates particularly those with offices, be it a home or office in town we need to make sure that you create a conducive environment for you to attract meaningful business. We offer you certain décor pieces that will suit your lifestyle and help you convince potential partners to do business with you,” he said.

An avid lover of all things beautiful, Munyaradzi added that they have capitalized on the ongoing massive construction projects and they are happy to be playing their part in building a better and prosperous Zimbabwe.

“Construction speaks to productivity and as Sassy Interiors we also offer services to the construction industry particularly cluster houses as well as flats. We do curtain rods as well as blinds under the engineering arm and we are also offering furniture which gives a one-stop shop facility for all interior design and décor.

“We can help you choose your tiling, paint colour and whatever design you require in your home,” he said.

While distance has remained a barrier for many clients seeking quality and tailor-made interior design services, Munyaradzi said their business footprint is spread across the country thanks to their innovation and appeal.

“We currently have two branches in Harare but that hasn’t hindered our valued clients across Zimbabwe from thinking Sassy. Distance is not a barrier and we have reached every corner, every length and every breath of Zimbabwe,” he said.

“The testimonies keep coming and we are working flat out to open more branches around Zimbabwe so that we bring the Sassy Interiors experience closer to our clients.

“As the world embraces the digital, many businesses have tapped into online service provision and Sassy Interiors is also riding on this plausible innovation.”

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