SA’s new Covid-19 rules: No isolation unless you have symptoms – then only 7 days
  • Coronavirus isolation rules are about to change significantly, the government announced on Monday night.
  • If you don’t have symptoms, you won’t have to isolate at all after testing positive.
  • Those who both test positive and show symptoms will only be required to isolate for seven days, not ten.
  • Enough people are now immune to the coronavirus to allow for the changes, the government said.

 South Africans who test positive for the coronavirus but show no symptoms of Covid-19 will no longer be required to self-isolate, the government announced on Monday night.


For those who do show Covid-19 symptoms (often described as similar to a cold or flu since the Omicron variant became dominant), the isolation period will be reduced from the current 10 days to seven days.


The close contacts of those who test positive will not be required to isolate unless they themselves also develop symptoms.



Cabinet had approved the changes based on data including seroprevalence surveys (which check for antibodies to identify those who have had the coronavirus) which showed that the “proportion of people with immunity to Covid-19” is at levels of 60 percent to 80 percent, the Presidency said in a statement.– Business Insider





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