Sandra Ndebele ties the knot

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Sandra Ndebele ties the knot

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The star-studded wedding held at the Nesbitt Castle was illuminated by South African diva Nani Ntengo, who together with Platform One had the crowd up on its feet and dancing for the “makhoti”.
The couple have a two-year-old son named Nkanyiso Junior and it seems their family is already expanding with baby number two on the way — one could not ignore the bulge

on Sandra’s wedding gown. The couple did not have time to share with the media on their big day. All Sandra could say to our Bulawayo Bureau was: “I am so excited.”The wedding theme colours — white, grey and orange — created a colourful ambience, where invited guests, both men and women, had each of the colours, either in the form of a tie, shirt, or even just a hankie as part of their dress code.

At the tables the serviettes had a message embedded in them which read: “Thank you for making my beautiful day.”
Who is this guy that has swept Sandra off her feet and retire her from the list of eligible women?
Nkanyiso Mbusi Sibindi is a lawyer based in United Kingdom. Sources say the two met in 2000 when Ndebele was still a rookie trying to make a name for herself.
A few years later Sibindi went to live and work in the United Kingdom. Those who know Sibindi said he was a very private person who kept to himself and a man of sober habits.

“He doesn’t drink and he is a reserved guy. You wouldn’t have known him if it were not for the wedding,” added the source.
The source is a devout Seventh Day Adventist. It is this that led Sandra to also become a member of the church. In February last year it was announced that the two would marry.

A poet at the wedding told everyone that Sandra would not starve ever again in her life. The poet referred to the Sibindis as part of the Ndebele State royalty.
“She will never go hungry in her life anymore. The Sibindis are from the royal blood,” said the poet.
Friends of Ndebele said the Sibindi family had a strong business background in Bulawayo.

“The Sibindis own a truck and haulage company and they also run a company that deals with photography. They are also in aviation but I don’t know what exactly,” said a source.
Entertainment was provided by the group that gave Sandra a name — Iyasa — and the director of Iyasa was also given a platform to tell the guests how he got to know Sandra and her exploits in the arts.
There was an interesting song done by an SDA acapella group that spoke of the bride being theirs and that they did not want to see her at nightspots. Does this mean the end of Sandra’s music career?

There was no room for gatecrashers for security reasons. Just before the bride and groom got to the venue people were instructed to go and wait outside to welcome them. Little did people know that it was a way of doing away with the unwanted. Some relatives, friends and anonymous were then turned away from the entrance.
“If you have not been included on the guest list go and wait for us at home. The food that is here is the same as that you will find there,” said a family spokesperson.

Sandra Ndebele looked stunning. She was arguably prettier than she has been seen in all the pictures and any other footage seen in the Press.
She was not the energetic and playful Sandra people know. She was the quiet queen of the castle. One might think it is a transition into being Mrs Sibindi.
The groom not known in the public eye , looked smart and happy with a shaven head. His suit was the correct cut.
The likes of Sobuza Gula-Ndebele, Jeys Marabini, Lorraine Maphala, Sibusisiwe Dube, Sipho Mazibuko, Sarah Mpofu and a lot more social butterflies made up part of the guest list.-B Metro

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