Lloyd Gumbo and Tendai Mugabe
Under fire Zanu-PF deputy secretary for Women’s Affairs Cde Eunice Sandi Moyo, on Wednesday opened a twitter account just hours after countrywide demonstrations by the organ’s members calling for her ouster on a litany of allegations.

Minister Sandi Moyo confirmed at a Press conference in Bulawayo yesterday that she owned the twitter account under the handle “@sandimoyo”.

While President Mugabe has warned party members against using social media to discuss party and Government business, some officials principally Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo have continued abusing the platform to attack Government programmes and fellow party members.

Prof Moyo has been on a campaign against the Command Agriculture programme egged on by opposition parties’ activists.

Prof Moyo who is the Zanu-PF secretary for Science and Technology’s twitter rants against Command Agriculture have also been source of news for the private media that is known for opposing every Government policy.

Minister Sandi Moyo first announced her appearance on twitter saying: “Finally I join the cyber citizens”

In reference to Wednesday’s demonstration that targeted her and secretary for Finance in the Women’s League, Cde Sarah Mahoka, Minister Moyo tweeted: “What happened yesterday is not my project, I won’t comment on it. My focus is development. Let the owners of the project comment.”

She also retweeted a tweet by one of her followers who said: “U (sic) think we don’t know that its team Lacoste that was protesting yesterday?”

Earlier on she claimed that it was business as usual and also announced through her twitter account that she would be holding a Press conference at her offices at 2pm where she invited all media houses.

While Minister Moyo promised that she was going to post a video proving that she owned the account later in the day, there was widespread suspicion that someone was managing the account on her behalf given how prolific the tweets flowed during the day, which is unusual for new users.

The speculation was fuelled by the relative silence on one usually over-active timeline.

Women’s League members in the country’s 10 provinces demonstrated against Cdes Sandi Moyo and Mahoka demanding that they should be ousted for undermining the authority of the wing’s Secretary and First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe.

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