Isaac Levy said their family would maintain the legacy created by the late businessman.

“We are deeply honoured that our father is being recognised and remembered for all the things he has achieved in his lifetime.
“We are following in his footsteps and we endeavour to continue to grow his legacy.”

In an interview, Mr Levy’s son, Maurice, said his father left a legacy that would be remembered for a long time.
“He left a legacy and he will be remembered for a long time.  He participated in cultural programmes before and after his tenure as a member of the City of Harare. He was a good developer and a respected man which he attained for treating everybody equally,” Maurice said.

Born on October 9 in 1929, in Kwekwe Mr Levy  went to Prince Edward School.
In the 1960s, he was the founder and chairman of a large supermarket group, Macey’s Stores Limited. During that time, he also owned a fruit farm in Nyanga and a farm near Lake Chivero, where he was a pioneer breeder of beefmaster cattle.

In September 1973, Levy bought Duly’s Angwa Street (now called Ximex Mall) property from London County Properties for US$1,5 million before he sold it to the National Social Security Authority.

In 1975, Levy stood in the then Salisbury council elections and was elected councillor for Ward 8. During the same year, he introduced a new American cattle breed for the first time in Africa.

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