Sadc sanctions stance shows Africa has come of age: MP Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Kindness Paradza

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter

The declaration of October 25 as the Sadc Day of Solidarity against Sanctions on Zimbabwe is a sign that Africans have come of age and can determine their own destiny.

This was said by the chairman of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Cde Kindness Paradza (pictured), in a wide-ranging interview on the significance of the declaration and other related issues.

Cde Paradza, who is also the National Assembly legislator for Makonde, welcomed Sadc’s move.

“Sadc has taken the lead and it’s good and shows that Africans have realised that they are being used by the West and the erstwhile colonisers,” he said. “So, Africa has now opened up its eyes.

“This is why we now have the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCTA)and we have ratified that and it’s going to be implemented. As a united Africa we are a powerhouse, we are richer than any other continent in terms of resources, we have human resources, we have natural resources, we have everything.

“Most of these countries are getting their resources from Africa and now time has come to say Africa, we do our own things and this is a precursor to it. So it’s a message to the world that Africa has come of age, Africa now wants to deal with its own issues. At continental level, the AU is going to move with what Sadc has started.”

Cde Paradza said the day was significant because Sadc had for the first time spoken with one voice.

“Sadc has come together and said let’s deal with the situation of Zimbabwe once and for all as a bloc,” he said. “They are now seized with the matter. It’s no longer a Zimbabwean issue, but a Sadc issue, Sadc is going to push on behalf of Zimbabwe.

“All along we have been doing it as individual countries in Sadc, but now Sadc has taken over and it’s going to move that to the AU at continental level and this coming September we are going to take it to the UN, so it’s going to be Sadc and the African Union speaking with one voice on the issue to do with sanctions on Zimbabwe.”

Cde Paradza said on the day, he expects rallies to be held across the continents, while parliaments across the region would move motions in support of Zimbabwe’s cause.

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