SA to pull out of ICC Obed Bapela
 Obed Bapela

Obed Bapela

JOHANNESBURG. — The ANC has taken a resolution to withdraw South Africa from the International Criminal Court. Chairperson of the ANC’s sub-committee on International Relations, Obed Bapela, announced that the ANC’s national general council (NGC), which was underway in Midrand, took a resolution to withdraw the country from the international court.

Bapela said South Africa would walk away from the ICC after following certain processes such as appraising the rest of the continent as to why South Africa could not continue to be a member of the international body.

“Whilst at the same time, we are saying . . . prevention of genocide, promotion of human rights remain foremost on our agenda, however the ICC has lost its direction, it is no longer an instrument that operates freely and fairly for every member,” he said.

“And also, there are powerful nations that are refusing to be members of the ICC and yet they have unfettered powers particularly in the UN Security Council.”

“South Africa still holds the flag of human rights, we are not lowering it. However other nations come with selfish interests,” he said.

Bapela said a national interest policy will be tabled in Parliament and will be fast tracked. The policy will guide a review of the domesticated statutes regarding the ICC membership.

Bapela said the NGC also affirmed a view that the African Court of Justice must develop its own capacity to deal with issues of human rights.

Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Maite Nkoana Mashabane added the big powers put their interests before others.

“The mere fact that you have two members of the Security Council in another country confirms it is right now to reform,” she said.

Minister Nkoana-Mashabane said the matter of the ICC is on the agenda of the African Union’s meeting in January.

She said South Africa has already written to the Assembly of State Parties requesting that it includes an agenda item about the review of the Rome Statute for its November meeting. — City Press.

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