SA in darkness as power cuts escalate

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SA in darkness as power cuts escalate The loss-making company’s debt pile of about R400 billion is unsustainable and the government expects to shift between one-third and two-thirds of its loan obligations onto the state’s balance sheet and attach strict conditions to the relief.

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JOHANNESBURG. – Load shedding was escalated to Stage 4 last night and will be maintained until further notice after a generation unit each tripped at Kendal and Lethabo power stations. 

“This necessitates the immediate escalation of load shedding to Stage 4. This stage of load shedding will be maintained until further notice. Eskom will publish a full statement tomorrow afternoon,” the utility said.

On Sunday, Eskom said load shedding was necessary due to persistently high levels of breakdowns. 

Following the shutdown of Camden Power Station in Mpumalanga due to de-mineralised water contamination last week, the first of seven generating units returned to service on Saturday evening. 

Rapport reported on Sunday that a senior technician at Camden, who has been working for Eskom for years, was suspended after he allegedly intentionally opened a shut-off valve and allowed dangerous chemicals to flow into the supply of demineralised water to the boilers. The power generation boilers were consequently switched off to prevent damage to them and to turbine equipment.

On Sunday, Eskom said that the remaining units that suffered breakdowns are anticipated to return to service over the next eight days, while one will remain on planned maintenance.

A generating unit each at Kusile and Majuba power stations were returned to service. Eskom currently has 6 893MW on planned maintenance, while another 16 168MW of capacity is unavailable due to breakdowns. –

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