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Rwanda reopens tourism sector

24 Jun, 2020 - 00:06 0 Views
Rwanda reopens tourism sector Rwanda tourism sector

The Herald

KIGALI. — Rwanda has reopened tourism activities as well as the resumption of international travel for charter flights after the country had closed most activity due to Covid-19.

Rwanda Development Board (RDB) said robust health and safety guidelines had been put in place because the well-being of all travellers was its top priority.

Together with the private sector, RDB said it was offering attractive all-inclusive tourism packages for Rwandans and foreign residents.

Commenting on the reopening, RDB chief tourism officer, Belise Kariza, said: “Rwanda’s tourism industry is adapting to create a safe environment for travellers and operators, in order to thrive in these unprecedented times. We encourage all travel enthusiasts and nature explorers to take advantage of this unique opportunity to venture out and experience the beauty and adventure that our country has to                                                                                    offer.”

Kariza said Rwanda has introduced promotional offers for both international and its local tourists. — New Times.

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