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‘Ruvhuvhuto Sisters reunion looks slim’

04 Sep, 2013 - 00:09 0 Views
‘Ruvhuvhuto Sisters reunion looks slim’ Plaxedes Wenyika

The Herald

Plaxedes Wenyika

Plaxedes Wenyika

Jonathan Mbiriyamveka Entertainment Reporter
IS there a possibility of Ruvhuvhuto Sisters reuniting?
Perhaps that’s the question most of their fans are asking and yet any prospects that the three surviving artistes will reunite are fast fading with each passing day.
According to Plaxedes Wenyika, who was one of the group members, there is little chance for a reunion.
“Well, it was fun being part of the group but as far as I see it chances (for a reunion) are slim,” she said.

Ruvhuvhuto Sisters was made up of four talented vocalists – Ivy Kombo, the late Jackie Madondo, contemporary singer Fortunate Matenga who became known as “Sister Flame” and Plaxedes – came from different musical backgrounds but shared the same vision and inspiration.
However, as time went on, that inspiration changed and even the vision differed with each of the four members pursuing solo careers.
It is worth mentioning that Ruvhuvhuto Sisters was a Government initiative which was used to promote national programmes.
Since its formation, the group worked on a number of projects which were aimed at promoting tourism in Zimbabwe.

According to Plaxedes, the first project was the inaugural Miss Malaika beauty pageant held at the Harare International Conference Centre in 2003 and won by Brita Masalethulini.

The pageant was held to manage the negative perception by the Western media in response to the Land Reform Programme in Zimbabwe.
“At the time I had already recorded a song for Miss Malaika, which I was expected to perform at the pageant but then the Government felt it was better to have a collaboration than a song performed by one artiste.

“They then decided to have a song done by all the top singers at that time and there were four of us,” she said.
The Ruvhuvhuto Sisters were also commissioned to promote the historic solar eclipse.

Following the success of the Miss Malaika theme song, the group went on to record another song called “Come To Victoria Falls — Down in Zimbabwe”, a track largely inspired by the beauty of Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

It was also expected to set the tone for the tourism industry to seriously consider the adoption of a similar strategy in the marketing of Zimbabwe’s tourist destinations.

The coming together of the songbirds was no coincidence as their collaboration was as natural as the sound of their voices.
The thrust of the group was to generate interest in the country’s tourist destinations by way of entertainment.

The group seized the entire nation by the throat with their CD compilation titled “Come to Victoria Falls — Down in Zimbabwe”.
The album features four tracks including the “Miss Malaika” theme song. The accompanying videos became an instant hit.

The group took their act to Sandton and Cape Town in South Africa where they performed as part of the tourism ministry entourage.
Sadly, the group fizzled out just when sanctions weighed in heavily on the economy.

It was hardly surprising that with the passage of time the members were affected in different ways.
Ivy, who was not new to controversy relocated to the United Kingdom with her former producer and now husband Pastor Admire Kasi.
She is now a prophetess with the Upperview Ministries.

As for Plaxedes, she took a sabbatical to focus on family and her education.
She has since graduated with a Masters Degree in Business Administration. She is back in the mainstream music scene with her latest album titled “Brighter Day”.

She recently launched what she calls “Urban Unplugged” at Zimbabwe German Society where she invites other youthful musicians to perform live music on one stage.

Jackie is now late. She was part of the Vessels of Honour, a gospel group which had her younger sister Marble as one of the members.
Her tragic death involving an army truck on her way to perform at Nguva Yakwana Gospel Part Six remains unsolved.

Last but not least, Fortunate Matenga a.k.a Sister Flame, as she is affectionately referred to by her fans, had a stint of yet another project called the Mo Fire Crew which was fronted by the late Andy Brown.

Following the demise of the group Sister Flame started her solo project while at the same time doubling as a mother.
While Ruvhuvhuto Sisters left an indelible mark on the music scene, they will be remembered for their short but eventful story.

But just like any other commissioned project, it came as no surprise that Ruvhuvhuto Sister came to a premature end, although it looked very promising and had all the qualities of a good musical project.

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