Russo, McDee reunite again

Russo, McDee reunite again

RUSSO N MCDEE PICPeter Tanyanyiwa Entertainment Reporter
Popular urban grooves producers Russel “Russo” Chiradza  and McDonald “McDee” Chidavenzi have produced a single titled “Best Friends”. The duo has made it an annual thing to produce a track together as a gesture of unity among local producers.
“This is our fourth annual track together with McDee. We want to show fans that we do not just produce but also do our own tracks, not just tracks but good tracks. The collaborations are basically to show that we do not just meet at shows with other producers but we work together,”said Russo.

The urban grooves producer also explained the song saying it talks about real friendship.

He said as a well known artiste and producer some female fans always want to get too close for comfort, which might offend his partner.

“Some even go to the extent of sending pictures and stuff so in the song I will be telling my girlfriend that she is the only one other girls are just friends. I’m sure most guys who are in the public eye can relate to the track,” he said.

Russo and McDee became popular after they worked together on an album titled “ZimStars Volume 1”.

He also promised that  “ZimStars Volume 2” should be expected in May.

Fans he said should expect some of the best productions this year from that album.

Russo said he takes pride in working with both big and upcoming musicians in all genres.

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