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Russian army increases mobility to crush new security threats

04 Jun, 2014 - 00:06 0 Views

The Herald

MOSCOW. — Russia would reorganise armed forces to strengthen their mobility as NATO was increasing military activities near the country’s western borders and in Ukraine, a senior Russian official said yesterday.
“Due to the conflict in Ukraine and considerable NATO reinforcements on our country’s west, we are currently working on proposals related to reorganising troops and army and fleet forces to increase their mobility,” said Vladimir Komoyedov, head of the Defence Committee of the parliament’s lower house, or the State Duma.

“We think that now our forces should be ready to respond promptly to new threats and challenges all around our borders,” Komoyedov said.
The strategy was aimed at enhancing military potentiality and troop mobility in all branches of the armed forces.

The forces who are being reorganised   include the air force, the navy and the army, the Interfax-AVN military news agency reported.
On Monday, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said all measures taken by NATO were defensive, moderate, proportionate, transparent, and fully compliant with international commitments.

These measures were “not a threat to Russia and NATO is not a threat to Russia,” Rasmussen said in a statement after an ambassadorial meeting of the NATO-Russia Council.

NATO has suspended all practical civilian and military co-operation with Russia over the Ukraine crisis.
However, it opted to keep its political dialogue with Moscow. — Xinhua.

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