Rushwaya arrested over Magaya case

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Rushwaya arrested over Magaya case

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RUSHWAYA GRAPHICFreeman Razemba and Daniel Nemukuyu
FORMER Zifa chief executive officer Henrietta Rushwaya was yesterday afternoon picked up by police on allegations of masterminding an attempt to extort Prophetic Healing Deliverance Ministries leader and founder Prophet Walter Magaya of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Rushwaya — who last month assumed a top post in the ministry’s finance department — was picked up following a report made by Prophet Magaya at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Law and Order Section at Harare Central Police Station.

Sources close to developments said Rushwaya is believed to be the brains behind Food World general manager Mr Denford Mutashu’s US$500 000 adultery lawsuit against the prophet.

Sources say the former football administrator was going behind the scenes trying to influence Prophet Magaya to pay Mutashu, claiming that failure to do so would soil his image.


As the drama unfolds, Mutashu reportedly went into hiding following two alleged kidnapping attempts by unknown assailants.
National police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi, yesterday confirmed they had picked up Rushwaya for questioning.

“Rushwaya has been picked up by police to assist in our investigations in connection with the (Prophet) Magaya and Mutashu case. At the moment we cannot divulge any details as investigations are still in progress,” he said.

Rushwaya was last night still being questioned by detectives from the CID Law and Order although sources could not establish if she was to be locked up overnight.

“It does not necessarily mean that she will be detained,” Chief Supt Nyathi said.
Meanwhile, Mutashu’s lawyers also claim their client had been receiving death threats from people suspected to be linked to PHD Ministries.
Mutashu on Tuesday night made a report at Criminal Investigation Department Law and Order section in Harare before going into hiding.

Earlier on, Mutashu had also made initial reports of death threats and bigamy against Prophet Magaya under case number IR 081452.
His lawyer Mr Norman Mugiya, confirmed the development saying he will only appear when the dust settles.
“I confirm that my client has gone into hiding after serious death threats to his life and kidnapping attempts.

“The first kidnapping attempt occurred near his home in Waterfalls, while the second incident took place along Samora Machel Avenue in Harare.
“We made a police report of attempted kidnapping at CID Law and Order in Harare,” said Mr Mugiya.

Prophet Magaya was reportedly head over heels in love with Mutashu’s wife such that at one time he sent her text love messages almost every minute, describing her as sexually attractive and highly mobile.

He also reportedly bought Mutashu’s wife, Nomsa Mutashu (nee Ruvazhe), the latest version of a Toyota Mark II, which cost $10 000.
Mutashu filed a $500 000 adultery claim against Prophet Magaya at the High Court on Friday, which revealed how the two allegedly communicated and the type of love text messages they sent to each other.

Mutashu is demanding $250 000 for loss of affection and another $250 000 for loss of consortium.
According to the claim, Mutashu is married to Nomsa in terms of Marriage Act Chapter 5:11 and the marriage still subsists.

It is alleged that sometime in June this year, Prophet Magaya had an adulterous affair with Mrs Mutashu who had gone to PHD Ministries church in Waterfalls to worship.

While at the church, Prophet Magaya allegedly ordered Mutashu’s wife to stay at one of the church’s lodges for three consecutive days without Mutashu’s knowledge and consent.

After spirited efforts to locate his wife, Mutashu found her with Prophet Magaya who allegedly claimed that he had been spiritually assisting her.
Mr Mugiya further stated that after Mutashu discovered that Prophet Magaya was committing adultery with his wife, he confronted the man of the cloth who reportedly admitted to having the romantic relationship.

Mugiya said Prophet Magaya promised to terminate the affair, but was still exchanging text messages with Mrs Mutashu through his close associates whom he treats as counsellors and bodyguards.

According to the declaration, Mr Mugiya made claims that in July this year when Prophet Magaya went to South Africa, he kept on exchanging love text messages and phoning Mrs Mutashu using South African mobile numbers.

At times, the lawyer said, Prophet Magaya would phone Mrs Mutashu during odd hours.
Mr Mugiya further stated that when Prophet Magaya was confronted over the allegations he did not deny them, but discussed the issues with Mutashu in one of the meetings in an attempt to resolve the matter.

He said that the illicit affair between Prophet Magaya and Mrs Mutashu disturbed Mutashu to the extent that he was bedridden due to excessive stress.

Mr Mugiya said Prophet Magaya’s conduct caused Mutashu a heartbreak to the extent that he “failed to appreciate the value of life since those with power and money could do whatever they want with other people’s wives, especially the poor in the mode of the plaintiff”.
Prophet Magaya was still to respond to the summons.

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