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Rupapa hosts live DVD recording

Rupapa hosts live DVD recording Benjamin Rupapa
Benjamin Rupapa

Benjamin Rupapa

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Arts Reporter
In music there is harmony and in harmony there is peace. Over the years, gospel music has continued to dominate the world especially the Christianity sector, providing peace, love and harmony in society.

Gospel music albums are launched regularly and this year there have been a number of live DVD recordings. Tomorrow another gospel musician does a live recording for his DVD. Sabastian Magacha’s former manager Benjamin Rupapa is hosting a live DVD recording for his album entitled “Salvation”.

The event dubbed “Salvation Concert” sees the manager-cum-musician rekindling his relationship with Magacha as they perform together on stage. In an interview Rupapa, who in music circles is affectionately known as “Sir Benjamin”, said all is set for the recording as rehearsals are in full force. “I am happy that preparations are going well. I am going to do a surprise song with Magacha on stage and he has been doing well at rehearsals. The event is a live DVD meaning to say no expected mistakes should be made with my team of 12 members. It is a four-hour event and I encourage everyone to be on time who wants to witness this action packed show,” he said.

Sir Benjamin said he borrowed the concept from Joyous Celebration in order to market his “comeback”. “I split with Saba some months ago and we are still in good books. Many would be surprised that I am a singer, but believe you me I have been in music industry for past 12 years working as a manager for several artistes such as Romeo Gasa, Dembo Brothers, Magacha and Zimpraise among others. I have been singing since I was a kid. I later realised that I should do something with my talent, so after splitting with Saba I went back to studio started this project and here I am. I borrowed the concept of having a live DVD recording and album launch at same time from choral groups which is easy and fast way rather separating the two,” he said.

He said he chose the title “Salvation” because he wants to tell the world about Jesus Christ’s coming. “We have heard different messages from other gospel singers but not many talked about salvation. My album has different genres so as to appeal to all age groups from rhumba, sungura, contemporary and Western beats,” he said.

“Some of the songs to look forward to include “Ndirori Vhangeri”, “Ndishandurei”, “Muzukuru Wangu” (dedicated to my nephews), “Praise Medley” and “Worship Medley”, which are hymnals.”

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