Run your own race

Run your own race

Charles Mungoshi Jnr Versatile Fufu

In this walk of life we are all running different races and we all have different destinations. Don’t ever measure your success by someone else’s success, because you have no idea when they started the race and which methods they’re using to run the race.

Observe your own progress and learn from those who are doing bigger things, but stay focused on your track. We all have a role to play in life — your success is tied to how well you perform your designated role.

The tragedy for many people is they have no idea what their role is and they end up living the life of another person which lands them in a mediocre kind of life style.

This easily causes stress and stress is caused by excessive thinking on something negative that you cannot immediately change, usually initiated by trying to live a life that is way above your means.

The game is simple — just be you! Don’t try to be who you are not, you will struggle and strangle yourself to death with unnecessary pressure. Play it cool — for example if you don’t have the good clothes to dress in — you don’t, if you don’t have a dollar you — don’t, the sooner you accept reality, the faster you effect a change because reality opens your mind to see opportunities where you would not ordinarily see them.

Self denial is what kills most bright futures; don’t deny where you are but refuse to stay in that state. Don’t look into the next runner’s track to see or measure how far you have gone — you are aware of how far you have gone because you are in your track. You need a personal evaluation and brutal assessment.

Don’t try to run Dr Phillip Chiyangwa’s race because you will lose out in the end, or grow to hate him because you are forcing your way into a structured life, he has a good tracking field and yours has potholes which means where you dodge he goes straight. You need to know your role in life then your success and progress will be seen effortlessly.

Always question yourself about your future and always fight to have the answers imprinted on to your chest because they define your purpose.

You have to be sensitive to your existence — be so sure of your presence and never take yourself lightly.

You are the torch bearer of your own life — drive yourself further and don’t ever stop — know that life is a game centred on knowledge. What do you know about yourself, your role and your racetrack?

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