Rowdy artisanal miners clash with residents

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Rowdy artisanal miners clash with residents

The Herald

Victor Maphosa recently in Glendale

There was chaos in Glendale on Friday after one of the residents was severely assaulted by artisanal miners who accused him of stealing money.

Rowdy artisanal miners kidnapped and attacked Marlvin Chitauro (34), who lives in Sisky suburb, with machetes and logs in the early hours of Friday.

This did not go down well with the Glendale residents, who teamed up and attacked the artisanal miners whom they accused of terrorising them.

Police national spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident and warned those who engage in violence that police will not hesitate to bring them to book.

“About 12 people have been arrested in connection with a dispute which arose in Glendale after artisanal miners assaulted Marlvin Chitauro accusing him of stealing cash and a car battery belonging to John Cheremwe (27),” he said.

“Residents and Chitauro’s relatives teamed up and attacked these artisanal miners.

“As police we are taking firm action against anyone found engaging in violence over disputes or against anyone who has wronged them, people should not take the law into their hands.”

When The Herald visited the area, hundreds of residents who were armed with catapults, logs, axes and stones were in hot pursuit of the artisanal miners, who retreated into the nearby mountains.

Before they chased them away, the residents set ablaze two kombis a Nissan Caravan and a Toyota Hiace believed to belong to the miners.

The Herald caught up with Chitauro, who had just come out of Concession Hospital where he received medical assistance, and narrated how he suffered at the hands of the illegal miners.

He suffered broken ribs and his right eye was injured.

Irate Glendale residents told The Herald that they were fed up with the conduct of the illegal miners whom they accused of murdering a number of                                                               residents.

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