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Rori releases new single

08 Jul, 2020 - 00:07 0 Views
Rori releases new single Rutendo Rori

The Herald

Arts Reporter
Marondera-based journalist and musician Rutendo Rori has released a new single titled, “Mukwasha WaMai”.

The catchy love song produced by Munyaradzi Mataruse is about a woman appreciating her new lover, after years of loneliness.

The song, which opens with an epic lead guitar, presents a memorable chorus featuring a unique blend of instruments.

Rori, a song writer, mbira player and actress, released her single track on July 3 and promises to be a great asset to the music industry as she plans to release more projects in the future.

Born in Harare, the multi-talented singer started her career in the arts industry, in 2015 when she sang with the Marondera group, African Roots and took part in the Chibuku Road to Fame 2015.

She was also part of Great Zimbabwe University’s Team Fusion, an outfit that released its album, “Dangwe” in 2017 where she was the lead vocalist of, “Sweet true love,” and “Sekai,” on the same album.

Rori also featured in GZU’s film Solo naMutsai which was launched in 2017.

“I choose music because it’s a tool to express my emotions. Through music, I console myself when I am depressed. Music to me is life, It’s part of me and I can’t run away from it. My wish is to reach out to the majority through my rhymes and lyrics.

“The biggest challenge that I face as a musician is finance. However, my passion drives me to work with the little that I get from my hustles, to push my music career.

“At times I feel demotivated in this industry as female artistes are not taken seriously in our society. As a woman, if you are seen performing in certain places during the night, already you will be judged as someone who is loose. It appears there are limitations for female musicians compared to males,” says Rori.

“As I embark on my musical journey, my wish is to collaborate with local female musicians like Ammara Brown. I am inspired by her great sense of creativity and the energy that she exhibits when performing.”

She holds a bachelors degree honours in Media and Cultural studies from Great Zimbabwe University.

Rori says she has been able to balance her journalism and music careers as the two are interdependent.

“I am managing to balance my journalism and music careers. It is an advantage for me since the two careers have a symbiotic relationship. Journalism is another form of art which helps me fuel my music career with income, networking and motivation.”

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