Romania, here we come!

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Romania, here we come! President Mnangagwa greets one of the members of the Moot team

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Marytise Vambayi and Kudzaishe Muhamba Herald Reporters

Talent hits a target no one else can reach. Genius hits a target no one else can see.

That is the case of aspiring Zimbabwean lawyers that conquered the world.

Zimbabwe National High School Moot team is their name and to their intelligence be the glory.

The amazing learners hit a target that no one else could see by making history after being crowned champions of the world at the recent 2022 International Moot Court competitions.

They are ready to do it again. Again and again, and again and again. Again! Such is their determination to conquer.

No race nor colour and creed could stop them from achieving what they know best.

This time around headed to Europe. Not for leisure or pleasure, but to conquer it.

They will be participating at the European Law Moot Court, an annual international competition which is held between University teams of students who have an interest in European Union Law.

Forget the fact that they are just mere high school learners, they will compete with the university students.

They are just good.

The European Law Moot Court was founded in 1988.

It is today considered as the most prestigious moot court within the field of European Union Law and one of the most important moot court competitions in the world.

Yesterday the nation bid them farewell.

Wish them well in their endeavour.

The Zimbabwe National High School Moot team leader, Ruvimbo Simbi, is confident of bringing the gong back home.

The Moot team at the State House

Miss Rumbi said Zimbabwe has so much talent to offer and that the world is not unaware of.

Even President Mnangagwa was charmed by the winning team and he  met them this week.

“Meeting the President is amazing, I do not think anyone dreams of being invited by the President because it’s an honour.

“We are eternally grateful for this opportunity to meet the President. We are grateful for the gift that he has given us. We are way more confident knowing that the nation supports us, Zimbabwe has our backs.

“We are going to show them that Zimbabwe doesn’t only end at the international tournament. Even at the European Moot Competition we will show them that we have a lot to offer as a country,” she said.

Everyone has talent. What’s rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads.

This is what these learners are doing, with courage following their talents. The Zimbabwe school learners are aspiring lawyers.

A team member, Sharon Marangwanda, said they are well prepared to do their best.

“What we can promise the nation is that when we go that side we are going to carry our flag high and perform to the best of our ability and make this meeting with the President all worthwhile,” she said.

Another member, Karl Makahamadze, said the meeting with President Mnangagwa was a good experience.

“Now that we have got support and funding, I am sure we are going to go there and do our best to win the competition. With all this support we cannot disappoint.

“We had a great time and are looking forward to better times ahead,” he said.

Always believe in yourself and keep going. You don’t have to have the most talent in the world.

You don’t have to be the smartest person in the world. If you persist and you persist and you persist, you will be successful.

The learners are just doing that – persisting to conquer in every sphere of their lives. Another learner, Chiveyo Mukonoweshuro, said she was very proud and happy to go to Romania not only to raise Zimbabwe’s flag high but to learn new life-changing skills.

“We are very excited and so thankful to the President and all of the people that supported us,” she said.

Another team member, Kuzivakwashe Khuleya, said he was proud to represent Zimbabwe again in the national Moot team.

“I have never imagined meeting the President of my nation, this has been a wonderful experience,” he said.

President Mnangagwa has lauded the outstanding Zimbabwean students for raising the national flag high in the World Moot Court competition saying his administration stands ready to assist talented young people who are ready to conquer the world.

“They had a successful competition with their counterparts worldwide and it went very well. They have now been invited to go and compete or contest with other colleagues in Europe.

“As Government and personally as President, I feel very proud that they are hoisting the flag of Zimbabwe very high. They should feel that the President supports them. I am giving them US$30 000,” he said.

The team co-ordinator, Dominican Convent High School Headmistress, Sister Kudzai Mutsire, said the team will travel today.

“As the co-ordinating person for different schools, I am very grateful that the country has come together to see to it that these young men and women travel to represent Zimbabwe and Africa at the next European Moot competitions,” she said.

Sister Mutsire said the selection of the team was based on previous competitions both virtually and physically.

The team comprises team leader Simbi, Khuleya, Rosa Gwisai, Chiyevo Mukonoweshuro, Chiige, Kudzaishe Makoni, Karl Makahamadze, Sigauke, Sedumedi Thulo, Sharon Marangwanda and Choto.

On Moot, countless hours are spent analyzing and dissecting judicial opinions, strategizing and honing oral advocacy skills.

This competition affords high school students an exceptional opportunity to argue, to develop an in-depth knowledge of the International Criminal Court, to gain a heightened respect for international law and an opportunity to exchange ideas with students from other countries.

Government is very supportive of the learners.

The Second Republic has come up with an array of policies tailored to promote youth advancement and ensure that they lead in the advancement of the country’s development as encapsulated in Vision 2030, for the nation to become an upper-middle-class economy.

Key to the nation’s development are young people who have benefited from innovation hubs that are derived from President Mnangagwa’s Vision that is contained in Education 5.0, which places institutions of higher learning as the catalysts to problem-solving and innovation.

As a result of the enabling environment, Zimbabwe was the only African country that had a team at the virtually held International Moot Court, where local learners came up tops.

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