Roki’s ex-wife drops singles

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Roki’s ex-wife drops singles Melody Musekiwa

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Melody Musekiwa

Melody Musekiwa

Vongai Mbara Arts Reporter
Roki’s ex-wife, Melody Musekiwa has returned to the spotlight and this time not as Roki’s baby mama or dancer, (mama Chocolate) but as a singer under a new name, “Female Bhuru”.

Melody dropped her singles titled “Byron na Wayne” and “Zesa” which she says are inspired by her life. “Byron na Wayne” is a metaphorical track. “It tells a story of a female hustler who has it tough and has to thrive in a hard environment to make it. I am a female hustler and my image can easily relate to the people in the streets looking for ways to make a living,” said Melody.

Melody who underwent public scrutiny, because of her relationship with controversial “bad boy” musician Rockford Josphat is determined to make it as an artist and her song “Zesa” proves it.

“Toughened by life and what it handed, inspired my song, “Zesa” which tells a story about how a woman is guaranteed to find answers in the toughest places. She is independent, fears no one and has no competition because she is in a league of her own,” she said.

Melody said she always had a soft spot for music as a dancer and it makes her no stranger to the music industry. “I have done ‘Anondida’ which was my first official song but I have featured on other tracks before that. I featured on a song called Hurt no more by Brian G featuring Take Fizzo and Herby.

“I also did ‘Mhondoro’ by Take Fizzo featuring Chante and Jazz,” she said. Melody is known for her ground breaking moves and she says people who love dancing will enjoy her music.

“I am a dancer and I love to dance. My sound is perfect for dance floor lovers like me,” said Melody.

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