Robbers loot Gokwe council property

Freedom Mupanedemo Midlands Bureau

A 10-men gang stormed the Gokwe Town Council warehouse, manhandled the security guard and  looted property worth around $500 000.

Police said the robbers, who tied the security guard with ropes, used an unidentified lorry which they drove into the warehouse and loaded property that included new water pumps, stoves, solar panels and vehicle tyres.

Midlands provincial police spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko said the robbery occurred on Tuesday night at around 11pm.

The security guard on duty was surrounded by 10 men who were armed with machetes.

“The guard, Mr. John Takaendesa, was then ordered to surrender the gate keys or risk death. They then went on to tie his hands and legs using a rope.

“The gang stole 18 solar panels, five water pumps, two four-plate stoves and 10 vehicle tires before they drove away.”

An official with the town council who asked not to be named said the property was valued at around $500 000.

He said the town council, which intended to roll out street solar lighting, had ordered some solar panels worth over $150 000 which were part of the stolen loot.

“The robbers must have had some inside information because some of the property which was stolen was new and had just been delivered. The total amount of stolen property is around $500 000.” said the official.

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