Robbers get away with US$15 000 from garage

Crime Reporter 

A gang of five armed robbers who were travelling in an unregistered Toyota Mark X car attacked six security guards at a service station in Chegutu on Wednesday night before stealing a safe containing more than US$15 200 cash.

The incident comes after police have intensified investigations into the case in which four armed robbers, who were also travelling in a Toyota Mark X car and armed with a rifle and a pistol, raided a Safeguard Security company cash-in-transit vehicle just outside Mukuru money transfer agency in Bulawayo on Monday before stealing US$100 000 and over R500 000.

In the Chegutu incident, the robbers were armed with pistols, an axe and a baton, which they used to attack the guards before handcuffing them. 

No arrests have since been made and investigations are in progress. 

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident.

“Police in Chegutu are investigating an armed robbery case which occurred on August 3, 2022 at a service station near Chegutu Shopping Centre.

“Five unidentified suspects who were traveling in an unregistered Toyota Mark X vehicle, armed with pistols, an axe, a baton stick and a pair of handcuffs attacked six security guards before breaking into the main office. The suspects stole a safe with US$15 246 cash,” he said.

Meanwhile, police have questioned security guards in connection with the Mukuru robbery where US$100 000 and over R500 000 was raided by armed robbers in Bulawayo.

The incident occurred at around 8.40am at the intersection of 13th Avenue and Lobengula Street in what police believe could be an inside job.

The robbers pounced on the security company vehicle soon after the security guards had parked at Mukuru.

They then disarmed three security guards before loading the cash which was in two trunks into their get-away vehicle and sped off.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said they were still looking for the robbers.

“Investigations are in progress and the suspects have not been arrested and the public will be advised once arrests have been made,” he said.

A team of detectives has since been established to conduct investigations over the case.

Police in Bulawayo have also arrested Timothy Sibanda (27) in connection with two cases of unlawful entry into premises which occurred on July 28, 2022 at a house along Ousby Road in Morningside where a CZ Pistol calibre 6.35mm, an inverter, a coffee maker, US$400 cash and P4 000 were stolen. 

Sibanda was arrested following investigations conducted and his arrest led to the recovery of the CZ Pistol, an inventor and a coffee maker.

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