Rising sungura artiste readies album

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Rising sungura artiste readies album

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RISING sungura artiste, Aleck Masuku says preparations for the launch of his third album are now at an advanced stage. Titled “Kusvika Wati Sorry”, the album is set to be launched on Thursday in Harare. Masuku, known as the Air Marshal, said his forthcoming offering will give sungura followers a new taste of music as it is blended with other instruments not commonly used by other artistes.

He said the album should surpass the heights reached by his previous projects. Masuku believes the latest album will open new doors in his career.

“We are geared up for the launch which will be held at East Point in Harare. Preparations for the launch are at an advanced stage with most of the guest artistes having confirmed their attendance.

“This is our third album after, “Turn and Shoot” released in 2017 and Chibhakera Chebenzi” produced in 2018.

“Although the previous albums were greatly received by the market, this album will be a cut above the rest,” he said.

The former Broadway Sounds bassist said he used a keyboard and some female vocalists on his seven-track album.

He believes the addition of the keyboard and female vocals on the songs will bring the charm on his music.

“Very few sungura artistes use keyboards and female vocalists. This is a new style that will give fans a new taste to sungura. We are trying to move with trends and match the changing tastes of our fans. We cannot afford to remain in the past and give our fans the old music that has been played over and over again.

“Kusvika Wati Sorry” is the answer to people who were expecting something new from sungura musicians. My experience told me that there was need for a change in terms of how we should package our music and this is when I came up with the idea of repackaging sungura,” he said.


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