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Rising hip-hop star dreams big

14 Oct, 2019 - 00:10 0 Views
Rising hip-hop star dreams big Kevin Munetsi

The Herald

Kundai Marunya Arts Correspondent

RISING R’n’B musician Kevin Munetsi is targeting the international market with his debut album “Badd Influence”.

The musician, whose single “Ruff” is making it on American music channel, Best Rap and Hip-Hop, wants to be the first local musician in his genre to gain an international status.

“There has not yet been an international music album in Zimbabwe and mine is likely to be the first,” said Munetsi.

“My album has a true international feel and quality. It is an album that everyone can listen to without limitations of language barrier.

“Many people have advised me to sing on more relatable beats to first capture the local market but I feel my approach is right. After all, we have a huge uptake of international music.”

Munetsi said he has been working on his album over the past three years to come up with a quality project. “The project took me three years to finish.

“I produced nine of the 10 tracks, but also working with other producers such as Aspya, LeeKay, Fabbeats while the mixing and mastering was done by Leekay and Jamal.

“I took my time because I wanted something outstanding,” he said.

The musician collaborated with rising dancehall star Nutty O, who has also been earmarked for international stardom.

“I also worked with Jizy from Trinity, PD the Ghost and 89,” he said.

Munetsi said he has done vigorous online marketing ahead of the November 1 album release. “I will be releasing my album online and availing it on online music stores.

“I will also vigorously market my music online so that it can reach both the local and international markets.

“The only problem I have is that I am doing this on my own, using my limited resources and the limited time I have outside of my day job.” 

Munetsi works for a local beverage company, a job that eats up most of his time, weekends even, working on his music on his few hours of free time a week.

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