Rising diva confident of breakthrough

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Rising diva confident of breakthrough Caychi

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Rising diva Caroline Chirowodza, who goes by stagemane “Caychi”, is determined to make an impact in the local music industry through touching stage performances.

She was based in South Africa for a long time and she has made her arrival in the country felt through a series of live performances.

She part of the line-up for the Only Divas Concert set for Padziva on Saturday.

The concert will feature female musicians of various genres.

Cyachi is confident she will make a mark at the concert and claim her space in the industry were she is regarded as a newcomer.

She has made use of her Thursday slot at Red Cafe in the capital to sharpen her skill on stage. Tonight she will be on stage at Red Cafe as she prepares for the big concert on Saturday.

Red Cafe has become a home for many artistes launching their careers and promoting their new releases.

The results have been good for most musicians and Caychi wants to take the same direction.

In a recent interview, the musician said she is happy to be back home to pursue her career.

“I lived in South Africa but I always knew that when it came to my career I wanted to launch it here. Zimbabwe will always be home and I value forming a relationship with my fans here,” she said.

She has grown from a one-woman act to now performing with a live band, The Afro Jive Band, and together they have been doing performances that can only be described as electric.

For Caychi and The Afro Jive Band, their journey has just began and it looks like there is nowhere but up for them in the music scene.

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