Ridiculously pampered celebrity pets

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Ridiculously pampered celebrity pets

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Seeing eye dogAnybody who owns a pet will admit to spoiling them from time to time, but when it comes to celebrity pets, these animals get a ridiculous amount of pampering. From diamond encrusted collars and designer clothing to chauffeurs and personal maids, these pets have got it all. Check out 13 of the most ridiculously pampered celebrity pets below.


“Real Housewives” star Lisa Vanderpump is certainly one to spoil her dog Giggy (short for Gigolo). The pomeranian has his very own Baccarat crystal drinking bowl! He also has a wardrobe full of designer outfits and his own Facebook page and celebrity agent. His pampered paws very rarely touch the ground as he is carried everywhere he goes. Many say that Giggy is actually the real star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

Bit Bit Spears

Britney Spears’ chihuahua Bit Bit is a regular feature at some of the hottest celebrity events dressed for the part in a diamond encrusted collar. Britney has also been known to take her pampered pooch to some of the most expensive restaurants in the country where Bit Bit often samples the gourmet dishes for herself. Britney also has another tiny pooch, but Bit Bit will always be her favourite.

Ace Underwood

Carrie Underwood’s rat terrier Ace accompanies her on tour, and she often pays massive fees to allow him to stay in her hotels. She has also shared pictures of him eating from her husband’s plate and sleeping in their bed. Underwood states that she doesn’t mind paying the huge sums of money that she spends on Ace because every single penny is worth it!

Mariah Carey

Pop diva Mariah Carey owns a number of Jack Russell dogs, but JJ is the one most renowned for being spoiled. When an airline refused to allow JJ to travel with Carey in first class, she hired him his own personal Mercedes and had him chauffeured to their destination in style!

Meredith & Olivia Swift

Taylor Swift’s cats are reportedly treated like princesses. Both have their own Twitter accounts and are constantly featured on Taylor’s Instagram feed. Oliva apparently hates pet carriers, so Taylor is often seen carrying the cat in her arms. Meredith used to be Taylor’s only cat and when Olivia arrived on the seen, the entire drama over introducing a new cat into the family unfold on the internet with thousands of fans!

George Gosling

Unlike many movie stars, Ryan Gosling chose a mixed breed for his best friend. However, that doesn’t mean that George is not as spoiled as other Hollywood pets. George has his own hairdresser and sports a trendy mohawk.

He often accompanies Ryan to interviews and appearances thanks to special paperwork that allows the dog to travel with him. Ryan refers to the mutt as the love of his life!

Mally Bieber

Following the footsteps of Michael Jackson, Justin Beiber’s pet of choice was a primate. His monkey, Mally, used to go everywhere with the pop star and was pampered at every opportunity.

However, appearances were deceiving, and in March 2013 Mally was confiscated in Germany when Bieber was unable to produce vaccination papers for the monkey. Bieber never made arrangements to retrieve his pet, which was apparently underweight and too young to be away from its mother, so now Mally lives in a German Zoo.

Choupette Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld’s Siamese cat Choupette actually has her very own maids to cater to her every need. The two staff not only take care of the cat, but they also record her every move in a diary and manage the kitty’s Twitter account! Choupette apparently also has her own iPad and uses it herself!

Bo Obama

The First Dog of America, Bo the Portuguese water dog was gifted to the President and his family by Senator Edward Kennedy when he learned that the children were desperate for a dog, but one of the girls suffered from allergies.

The breed is considered to be hypo-allergenic, so Bo was a perfect fit. Bo has since shot to fame with his own official White House portrait and features in a children’s book and has been immortalized in an official soft toy!

The Royal Corgis

As you can probably imagine, life as a royal pet is nothing short of luxurious. The Queen believes that nothing is too good for her beloved dogs Willow, Holly, Candy and Vulcan.

The royal chefs prepare gourmet meals for the pampered pooches. The dogs travel with the Queen to whichever residence she is residing in, and apparently, she does care for the dogs herself as much as her schedule allows. She also makes each of the dogs their own personal Christmas stocking every year.

Coco Chanel Spelling

Tori Spelling has a fairly unusual pet – Coco Chanel is a silkie chicken. Tori often creates matching versions of her own clothing to dress her chicken and often takes her along on appearances and interviews. She has even helped Tori to present awards at a couple of different ceremonies!

Max Clooney

Back in the days when George Clooney was the eternal bachelor, his one constant companion was Max the Vietnamese pot-bellied pig. For 18 years Max lived in the lap of luxury with Clooney in his Hollywood mansion. He was well known for being spoiled, having ridden in John Travolta’s private plane and even putting an end to at least one of his owner’s relationships when the lady in question suggested that the pig should be kept out of the mansion! Max passed away in 2006 from natural causes. — wizzed.com

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