Rev Chivaviro spreads wings with new album

Rev Chivaviro spreads wings with new album Rev Togarepi Chivaviro
Rev Togarepi Chivaviro

Rev Togarepi Chivaviro

Arts Correspondent

Gospel musician Rev Togarepi Chivaviro, who recently released his new album “Mhepo Inoperekedza (Ebenezer Part 2)”, has made a breakthrough after the album was signed by renowned online music distribution giant Tunecore. In an interview, Chivaviro said he is excited that his fans across the world will be able to have the new album despite their locations.“I am very happy with this development as it will ensure that our music fans around the world are not starved of this music which we believe has become a blessing to many souls.

“We are grateful to God for His grace is surely taking us somewhere,” he said.

He said after signing with Tunecore, they have received positive feedback from fans from across the world.

“This is the direction that music distribution is taking, the CD and DVD are going out the cassette and vinyl way. Now we are even getting responses from as far as Australia, Japan, US, Brazil among other countries.

“Remember even in those countries there are Zimbabweans that we may not be able to reach with our CD or DVD. CD distribution is being eroded by piracy.

“With Tunecore, one can just search for ‘Mhepo Inoperekedza’ online and get so many options to download the song for a few cents, Tunecore will then collect our royalties and every month we receive our dues,” he said.

The new album has been doing well on Youtube with some of the songs standing above 100 000 views each.

Chivaviro hogged the limelight with his hit “Ebenezer”, which was released last year.

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