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Residents give council 72-hr ultimatum to collect refuse

29 May, 2020 - 00:05 0 Views
Residents give council 72-hr ultimatum to collect refuse

The Herald

Herald Reporter

Some Harare residents have given the city officials a 72-hour ultimatum to improve clean water provision and refuse collection, and if that does not happen, they will dump garbage at councillors’ houses.

The threat from the residents follows a deteriorating service delivery situation in Harare, with garbage collection and water supplies erratic.

Yesterday, a pressure group, Zimbabwe Revolutionary and Patriotic Youth Network (Zirapayon) handed over a petition directed to mayor, Herbert Gomba to the Chamber Secretary Department.

Ziripayon claims to have collected all residential addresses of councillors, which would be swiftly handed over to residents so that they dump their garbage if no action was taken in 72 hours.

Reads the petition in part; “Considering that you and your councillors have not yet skipped salaries even a single month, noting that all your allowances are up-to-date including airtime and data allowances, we wonder why you are also not up-to-date on collection of refuse and delivery of safe tap water.

“We have concluded that you seem to be the only important people whom Harare City Council values more. Because of that we are giving you 72 hours to update service delivery, this is collection of refuse and delivery of safe tap water. Just as you are up-to-date in your salaries, we are declaring all councillors’ residential places as dumping sites.”

Zirapayon executive member Tabuda Moyo said they will seek police clearance before embarking on their actions.

Harare City Council has come under fire from residents who are unhappy with the rate at which service is being delivered.

The council has many revenue streams including parking fees, which were increased to $20 per hour this week, despite a glaring lack of improvement of the parking bays, especially away from the central business district.

In September last year, Government released $37,4 million, then equivalent to about US$3,1 million to Harare City as a short-term intervention to improve clean water.

However, the situation has gotten worse since then, with supplies now very erratic, with most suburbs going without water for several days.

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