Rent arrears land tenant in court

Rent arrears land tenant in court

gavelIvan Zhakata Court Reporter
A HARARE woman was on Thursday ordered to undergo civil imprisonment of two months for failing to settle rent arrears amounting to $250. Skanyisiwe Ngwenya had the sentence suspended by magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa on condition she pays Mr Abel Zhakata the $250 by the end of this month.

Mr Zhakata, who had applied for Ngwenya’s civil imprisonment, told the court that the woman was ordered by the same court to settle the arrears by October last year but failed.

He said since the order was granted, Ngwenya had become evasive, prompting him to apply for civil imprisonment.

“I am applying for civil imprisonment because she has failed to give me my $250 rent arrears she owed me since August 2014,” Mr Zhakata said.

“She was ordered by this honorable court to pay the money before the end of October last year but she was nowhere to be found after the order was granted. So I think it is better if she goes to prison because she has failed to give me my money,” he said.

Ngwenya pleaded with the court to give her time to look for the money.

She claimed her husband, who was responsible for the rent, had deserted her.

“I never refused to pay him his money but at the moment I am not employed and have nowhere to get the money. If the court is amenable I will give him his money by 20 January but it will be in instalments,” she said.

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