Relief for Hwedza community after fugitive Muvevi’s arrest Jaison Muvevi is apprehended by Mozambican security forces in Manica, near Forbes Border Post after four days on the run

Mash East Bureau

Following the arrest of suspected murderer Jaison Muvevi in Mozambique on Monday this week, the people of Negombwe in Hwedza are now breathing a sigh of relief and have thanked the authorities for working around the clock to bring the suspect to book.

A former CID officer, Muvevi allegedly murdered three people in Hwedza on Friday and was on the run until his arrest in Mozambique shortly after illegally entering the country, which allowed for his swift deportation.

The killings had left Negombwe people under Chief Ruzane gripped with fear that the killer would return, with people shunning social activities and even abandoning their fields, or any other chores they normally carry on a daily basis.

In fact, the people in that area had abandoned any movement since Friday the 13th of January 2023.

Those who spoke to The Herald recently in that area said they were now afraid even to sleep in their homes, or work in their fields and would only have peace the day the suspect would be arrested.

The community expressed relief after receiving the news that the suspected killer had been apprehended in Mozambique.

“We have living with fear since the day this horrible incident occurred. People were even afraid of working in their fields or travelling to the business centre, fearing for their lives.

“We are happy that the suspect was arrested. We are relieved and we now have peace. Everyone in this community is relieved. My wish is for this person not to be given bail. You never know what he will do next once he is given bail. That is the fear and concern of the people around here,” Madzibaba Edson Moyo said.

Baba Abby said he has not been able to freely walk around the area, but now all is well.

“Even going to the shops to buy groceries was not possible, no one wanted to be the next victim. The sight of a stranger was treated with suspicion. We are happy that finally he is accounted for.”

Madzibaba Silo said even schoolchildren were afraid to walk to school.

He commended law enforcement agents who worked around the clock to ensure there is security in the community.

“Some were even scared to the extent of abandoning their homes and sleeping in the bushes. It was a scary and unfriendly situation. We are glad that he has been arrested.”

On Friday Muvevi allegedly killed an apostolic church prophet as he was praying in front of the congregants at a shrine near Mukamba police station. He went on to fatally shoot the officer-in-charge of Hwedza Police Station Inspector Maxwell Hove and a male bartender Munashe Mujanhi (20), while another police officer was seriously injured.

After killing the three, Muvevi escaped resulting in police launching a manhunt for him. He fled to Rusape and then Mutare, ending up at Mutare Boys High School before slipping across the nearby border.

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