Relief as schools close

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Relief as schools close

The Herald

Rudo Muchedzi Herald Correspondent

Parents have commended Government for ordering the early closure of schools as a precaution to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

In an interview, parents applauded Government for closing schools and universities saying the safety of their children was of concern.

Ms Diana Manuwa, whose child is in Form Three at St Anne’s Goto High school, said she was happy with the move taken by Government.

“At the moment what’s important to me as a parent is the safety of my child, although lessons were disturbed. This is an international issue, there is nothing we can do. At least now, I can monitor how my child is doing unlike when she is at school I wouldn’t know the position,” she said.

Another parent, Mr Robson Mujuru said it was better for his child to “lose lessons than to lose life”.

Ms Tarisai Mhlanga also said she would monitor and educate her child on precautionary measures for coronavirus.

Kudzai Kandiero, an Upper Sixth student at Nyazura Adventist High School said they were informed of the dangers of coronavirus, and how to prevent its spread.

On Monday, Kadoma’s city health department took the Covid-19 awareness campaigns to junior schools ahead of the school holiday.

Speaking to The Herald after addressing pupils at Rainbow Junior School in Kadoma yesterday, Kadoma city health inspector Mr Hamilton Gomba called for caution during the school holidays.

“We are learning from other countries who have had this virus before us and this is a new phenomenon and we learn as we go. Information dissemination is crucial in these times and we want to sensitise school children so that when schools close, they practice caution,” he said.

Rainbow Junior School principal Mrs Memory Madera said: “The lessons were very important to the children as they go for holidays from this week.”

All Cambridge exams for the May and June sittings have been cancelled throughout the world by the British examinations unit that runs them. This follows the closure of schools in many countries. Zimbabwe has few mid-year candidates, and the exams are mostly written in trust schools and in several specialised tuition centres in large cities.

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