‘Release the fixtures early please’


Newsome Mutema
THE Soccer Coaches Union of Zimbabwe are concerned with the tradition of releasing the fixtures for every season very late in all the leagues in this country. From a technical point, we need to have fixtures released early so that our members, who are the coaches, can plan accordingly for their new season.

Unfortunately, our members always get the fixtures very late and this means that they cannot plan for the season.

The game has become very scientific and it’s important for the coach to know the kind of opposition that he or she will be meeting in the first few weeks of the league campaign, the kind of games that their teams would be playing and this helps them to plan accordingly.

The coach, if he or she knows when the season starts, can then decide when to get his or her pre-season underway and that usually requires about eight weeks before competition starts.

If pre-season is shortened, or prolonged, it could affect the players’ performance.

It’s against that background that we, as SCUZ, are urging our football leaders, who run the leagues in this country, to release the fixtures very early so that our members can plan accordingly.

Newsome Mutame is the SCUZ secretary-general.

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