‘Redouble efforts to fight drug abuse’ Speaking at the handover of Mbamba Clinic in Tsholotsho South on Wednesday Permanent Secretary for Defence and War Veterans Affairs Mr Aaron Nhepera said the presence of landmines by communities had a negative effect on the country’s development strategy and is a threat to human and animal life.

Freeman Razemba-Crime Reporter 

The police must redouble efforts in accounting for drug lords who are supplying unwanted substances to youths, Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Permanent Secretary Mr Aaron Nhepera, said last Friday. 

The police operate under his ministry and he said arresting the drugs kingpins would help save young people, many of whom were struggling with drugs. 

Speaking during the 39th Zimbabwe Republic Police Staff College graduation ceremony in Harare, Mr Nhepera said: “Today’s society continues to spawn more, new and different challenges to the policing environment. Currently, the country is grappling with the scourge of drug abuse that is threatening to impair whole generations. 

“May I take this opportunity to call upon the police and all relevant stakeholders to gird up their loins in an effort to eradicate the malady of drug and substance abuse. 

“It is disheartening to note that the country’s future is being destroyed right in front of our eyes due to some, among our citizens, who have chosen to be drug lords supplying these unwanted substances to our youths. It is, therefore, incumbent upon the police to redouble efforts to account for these unruly elements from our midst and rescue society from the precipice of a drug bondage.” 

Equally, said Mr Nhepera, everyone had a role to play in the fight against drug abuse. 

It was important to point out that as Zimbabwe prepared for the 2023 harmonised elections, the nation also looked up to the police to be guarantors of peace and security before, during and after voting, he said. 

“Your constitutional mandate is, therefore, instructive in this regard,” said Mr Nhepera. “I implore you to live up to your reputation of professional conduct that has on numerous occasions been lauded both locally and internationally. May I also encourage the political players to play by the rule book.” 

It was also encouraging to note that the ZRP, through institutions such as the Police Staff College, had continued to imbue police officers with knowledge that had prepared them for modern trends in policing. 

Last Friday, 389 candidates completed programmes which included Diplomas in Law, Business Management and Adult Education, as well as Certificates in Law and Policing, Training Methods and Traffic Management. 

“Importantly, we all ought to realise that the world over, the security of nations is built upon the power of knowledge and information,” said Mr Nhepera. “These two pillars fuel the ability to discern societal challenges and implementing well informed strategies towards ameliorating them.

“You will all agree with me that this can only be achieved when those charged with the policing responsibility have the requisite knowledge.” 

Last Friday’s graduation represented a milestone towards ensuring that police officers were better prepared to understand the peace and security challenges faced by their people, and then proffer effective solutions. 

“Indeed it is critical, especially in the contemporary policing environment, for the Zimbabwe Republic Police to enhance its capacity to create a conducive environment for socio-economic advancement by infusing research and technology based solutions to the crime challenge.” 

The ZRP Staff College’s present thrust towards Education 5.0 and partnerships with other institutions of higher learning, is expected to go a long way in incubating and birthing new approaches to policing. There are efforts by the ZRP Staff College to introduce a Diploma in Cyber Security and Forensic Science Investigation, Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Criminology and Bachelor of Business Management in Policing programmes. 

It is expected that the programmes will put the organisation on a pedestal towards effectiveness in the discharge of its constitutional mandate. 

Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga is pushing ahead with efforts to transform the ZRP Staff College into a full-fledged university to entrench the much-needed dynamism in modern policing.

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