Red flag over Tinashe Mugabe’s DNA tests

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Red flag over Tinashe Mugabe’s DNA tests

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Global DNA Diagnostic Centre principal consultant Mr Tinashe Mugabe is not professionally qualified to issue DNA test results, the Medical Laboratory and Clinical Scientists Council of Zimbabwe (MLCSCZ) has said, urging the public not to be coerced into receiving paternity results in an unprofessional manner.

 Mr Mugabe, the host of “The Closure DNA Show”, has attracted a large following on local radio and the national television.  While men have given Mr Mugabe’s DNA show thumbs up, this has sparked outrage from some women’s groups who feel exposed and hard done by the show. 

In a statement yesterday, the MLCSCZ chairman Mr Chari Mubvumbi Ranganayi criticised Mr Mugabe, saying he was not professionally qualified nor competent to issue DNA test results. 

He accused Mr Mugabe of preying on poor people and also criticised ‘Sis’ Jane from Expedite DNA Zimbabwe, who appears on radio and television personality Tilder Moyo-Karizamimba’s Tilder Live Show.

  Mr Ranganayi said the two organisations were not registered members of the MLCSCZ or the Health Professional Councils in Zimbabwe.

“Mr Tinashe Mugabe and Jane are not professionally qualified nor competent to issue those test results,” he said. “Therefore, the Medical Laboratory & Clinical Scientists Council of Zimbabwe condemns such unethical practice on the poor and the marginalised population by Global DNA Zimbabwe and Expediate DNA Zimbabwe.” 

 He said Global DNA Zimbabwe and Expediate DNA Zimbabwe were registered with the Council as DNA collection sites and not testing sites. 

According to the Health Professions Act, Mr Ranganayi said, a medical laboratory test is requested for by qualified and registered clinicians. 

Upon successful completion of the testing process, the test results are sent back to the requesting clinicians who are qualified to advise patients and clients in an ethical manner, he said. 

Professional Code of Conducts of various health professionals in Zimbabwe state that divulging either orally or in writing, any information concerning a patient/client test result ought not to be divulged to third parties except where so required by law. 

Contacted for comment last night, Mr Tinashe Mugabe said they noted the statement but they remained “operational 100 percent”. 

“We went to their offices and they requested for consent forms which we provided,” said Mr Mugabe.

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