Recoding of ‘00’ IDs underway Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister Kazembe Kazembe yesterday said Government was concerned at such false reports, adding that if at all there had been an interception of those buses, the appropriate laws on trafficking in persons and immigration related charges would have been preferred on the bus crews as applicable to both South Africa and Zimbabwean laws.

Herald Reporter

In a historic move expected to end racial profiling, Government yesterday abolished the “00” code used to identify persons of mixed race, Caucasians and Asians on national identity cards.

Presenting a ministerial statement in the National Assembly yesterday, Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister Kazembe Kazembe said the system  segmented access to the mainstream economy on racial grounds.

Minister Kazembe said although the system had no legal basis, it had remained in use post-independence, prompting some affected citizens to petition Parliament for it’s abolishment.

“The divisive system of racial profiling was at the detriment of society who found it to be hindering their quest to participate fully in mainstream economic activities,” he said.

Minister Kazembe said following consultations with affected communities, Government had decided to abolish the system adding that under President Mnangagwa’s administration, there was no room for such discriminatory systems.

The Civil Registry Department has since been directed to re-code identification cards bearing the “00’’ code to ensure citizens enjoy their constitutional rights without colonially defined and derogatory inferences.

Minister Kazembe said the policy shift conforms to provisions of the Constitution which relate to citizenship, equality and non-discrimination.

Those who require to have their IDs re-coded should approach their nearest Civil Registry Department offices with original and copies of birth certificates and IDs.

The re-coding programme is not time bound and will run concurrently with the Civil Registry Department normal work.

Minister Kazembe said the re-coding would ensure a new epoch for the country in which all citizens move in unison and harmony towards common goals and aspirations.

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