Reality is in your mirror


Charles Mungoshi Jr – Versatile Fufu

She sat by the window as if gazing into the sun, but her mind was blind folded by her problems. The pressure of being under pressure consumed her in a trance of sadness , the interpretation of her misery.All she thought to see portrayed a difficult life choked with challenges beyond human imagination.

Jane, if only you looked out the window and not gazed in the sun to burn your thoughts of misery. Instead gaze into the beauty that is reflected in creation.

Look at yourself in the mirror but remember a mirror is an exact image of the light you view yourself. This means that the thoughts you lodge in your mind play their existing role in the realm of the physical.

Be mindful of what you allow in your mind, yes you can not stop a bird from flying over your head but you can stop it from building a nest.

Jane, don’t sweat blood. Don’t exhaust yourself on minor issues, issues you have no control of, things you can’t change by thinking of, but can shift your thought pattern to think of a solution.

Remove that blockade, that sentimental belief of reigning in lack and poverty. You are the one who calls the shots.

What you see is a choice of what is visible, the angle in which you approach life should be independent from what happened in the past or how you where brought up.

Refuse to see a mountain in the ant hill Jane. Don’t amplify your problems in a bid to comfort yourself in failure.

This is the greatest excuse of all times against achieving success the doom message in the troubles of life.

Let what you are gazing at be what you are gazing at, not what you are lost in. Many people are defined in absence of the mind always meditating on what they don’t have instead of meditating on what they need.

If you don’t have it thinking of why you don’t have it won’t get you what you don’t have.

Rise Jane rise first run away from images of negativity that have arrested you in poverty.

You have to be headstrong on something that makes you better than you are today. Self-pity will never turn into greatness.

Don’t let the average life be a benchmark of your achievements because mediocrity has become a standard of excellence in Africa.

Go for the fight don’t slide through as if you are afraid of confronting success! I know you are not a figment of an unrealistic thought you are the reality of someone’s life but only a character in my mind.

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