Reality: All about perception


Tinashe Nyamushanya

Napoleon Hills says, “If you cant do great things,do small things in a great way.” Reality as we know it is a social construct that is not static. One’s perception of reality constructs the world we live in. When we change ‘ way we look at things,the things we look at also change.When you were a child you probably wanted to be something other than what you want to be now for your perception has changed.

The truth of the matter is as we teenagers grow up, our desires, aspirations and dreams change, evolve in the parameters of our perceptions.

My fellow colleagues. let us maintain a positive perception of who we are and who we aspire to be.

When a scholar has a

focused cool perception, one has a vision and practical measures to accomplish that


Perception is a key element that determines how far we will go. In my own estimation, perception can be categorised in three ways which are wish, mirror and reality.

Wish is what you want to be and mirror is that role model whom you want to be and reality is who you truly you are.

When you sit down, ask yourself: “Who am I and what is that I really want to achieve?” So if you view yourself in a positive way, surely you know you will be successful in what you want to be. What you see is what you get.

Young people of Zimbabwe, you are the future leaders of tomorrow. Henceforth you have the foresight and insight of where you want to be in the future.

That perception is the spark that ignites the greatness within.

You have to maintain a positive image of yourself, maintain the highest self esteem of you as a human being. If you view yourself in a negative way you are bound not to succeed in life.

Your mind is your most

powerful tool you can use. With it you can achieve almost

anything in fields like technology, business, fashion and


So dare to visualise great things. Life is what you make it and success is in the mind, so guys instead of losing your minds by abusing drugs and alcohol, let us use our minds to be the next great visionary, entrepreneur or inventor.

My fellow brothers and sisters, let us look at ourselves as people destined for greatness who are going to discover and invent great works the world has never seen because mankind is the only being with the ability to transform his dream into physical reality.


Tinashe is an Upper Sixth Arts student at Dzivarasekwa 1 High School.

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