Rapper in expressive mixtape

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Rapper in expressive mixtape Lincoln The Prez

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Kundai Marunya-Arts Correspondent

Riding on the wave of a career that is taking off well and the current hip hop fever, local rapper Lincoln Ngorima a.k.a Lincoln The Prez, is set to release a highly expressive mixtape on 23 August titled “Peasent’s Son”

The 12-track mixtape features some of the great voices of the current generation among them Aspaya, Kelvin Munetsi, Natalie and KuDa_93. 

Lincoln The Prez said the mixtape was inspired by a need for self-expression. 

“The inspiration behind these 12 tracks is self-expression seeing things through the eyes of a proud third world African influenced by the American sound in a global village,” he said. 

A well-balanced and impressive body of work, the rapper throws punches on different issues while mellowing it out in love songs.

He matches up to voices making an impact on the global stage with witty lyrics and quality production, while maintaining a Zimbabwean feel in some vernacular lines. 

To deliver the brilliant mixtape, Lincoln The Prez works with Kevin Munetsi and Aspaya on “Kuti Zvirwadze”, Natalie on “Faraway”, KuDa on “93Till infinity” and Matrix on “Dreamz” 

Lincoln The Prez said the mixtape contained his story. 

“This tape contains my story, so you can understand my hesitance in picking out a favourite track, but if I was to choose, I would pick between “Close To Me” and “Onetime,” he said. 

“There’s also the ‘Call Out My Name’ (freestyle). It gets hard to pick out my favourite, I like it as a package because it symbolises an integral part in my growth as an artiste.” 

Lincoln The Prez is a rising rapper who is affiliated to Uncle Rhymez Records, a record label owned and headed by UK- based Zimbabwean rapper Rhyme Assassin. 

The affiliation has seen him featuring on international projects including Rhyme Assassin’s forthcoming album, “Dedicated To Self”, which also features hip hop legends from different countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom.

“This experience is both exciting and also humbling as I get to highlight my skills on a wider platform,” Lincoln The Prez said.

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