Rapist infects victim with HIV

Rapist infects victim with HIV

hammer2Prosper Dembedza Court Correspondent
A 30-year-old man yesterday appeared in court for raping his 15-year-old maid and deliberately infecting her with HIV. Pedzisai Chimbangu was facing two counts, one of rape and the other of deliberate transmission of HIV, when he appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Elijah Makomo.

He will be back in court on April 12.

Allegations are that on June 18, 2015 the complainant got employed by Chimbangu as a maid. On June 20 at around midnight it is alleged that Chimbangu went into the complainant’s bedroom while she was asleep and removed her blankets and went on top of her.

The court heard that Chimbangu raped the complainant without protection and the following day she told Chimbangu’s mother about the incident but no action was taken.

It is alleged that Chimbangu continued raping the complainant on a daily basis until February 2016.

The court heard that on February 25 the complainant fell ill and was referred to her brother’s home in Hatcliffe, Harare.

Upon her return, it is alleged that she discovered that Chimbangu was HIV positive after seeing his medical card in her room.

The court heard that this did not go down well with the complainant who asked Chimbangu why he had not told her that he was HIV positive.

It is alleged that the complainant went to her aunt’s house where she narrated the whole story.

The complainant, the court heard, reported the matter to the police leading to Chimbangu’s arrest.

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