Rapist dad locked up for 25 years

Rapist dad locked up for 25 years

Tendai Rupapa Senior Court Reporter
A Harare businessman was jailed for 25 years for raping his daughter on several occasions after being instructed by a traditional healer that it would boost his businesses.

After the act, the 41-year-old businessman (name withheld) would ask his daughter to bath her privates before sprinkling the water at his business premises.

He forced her to sniff some snuff and threatened to chop the 15-year-old teenager with an axe whenever he raped her.

He would do so with an axe and knife placed beside the bed.

The man was convicted of five counts of rape by regional magistrate Mr Temba Kuwanda, after a full trial.

In passing the sentence Mr Kuwanda said it was unbelievable that one would rape his daughter.

On each count, Mr Kuwanda sentenced him to five years behind bars, making them 25 years.

Five years were set aside on condition of good behaviour, he will therefore serve an effective 20 years in prison.

In aggravation, the prosecutor Ms Rufaro Mhandu urged the court to impose a lengthy prison term.

“Your Worship, the convicted person was supposed to protect his daughter but he betrayed her trust.

“She looked up to him as a father and mother at the same time following the death of her mother but he robbed her that chance of having a parent in her life.

“His moral blameworthiness is so appalling that he is not worthy going back to that family.

“Twenty years in prison will meet the justice of this case,” she said.

Sometime in July last year at around 6am, the victim was asleep when her father woke her up and asked her if she knew the meaning of “kuripirwa” to which she said she did not know.

He then gave her snuff and ordered her to sniff it.

When she started sneezing, the accused person grabbed her and pushed her onto the bed.

He took an axe and a knife with which he threatened to kill her if she screamed.

He then placed the weapons beside the bed before raping his daughter.

On October 20, he told his daughter that his business was going down hence he needed to boost it.

He told the complainant that he had been instructed to have sexual intercourse with her.

He also told her that after the act she was supposed to bath and sprinkle the water at his business premises.

The victim refused to sleep with him and he forcibly raped her.

He also threatened her with death if she told anyone about the sexual abuse.

It was proved that he again raped her the following day while gagging her mouth.

On October 29, he told his daughter that due to the sexual encounters with her, his business was now doing well.

He then raped her again on that same day.

The child freed herself and reported the matter leading to the father’s arrest.

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