Rape trial of businessman nears end courts

Senior Court Reporter

Harare regional magistrate Mrs Gloria Takundwa is tomorrow expected pass judgment on a businessman charged with raping his daughter on several occasions.

The businessman appeared in court yesterday for his defence, alleging his daughter was influenced by his wife to make rape allegations against him and that the motive was love of money.

“The relationship with my daughter was not good. She once put poison in my food in an attempt to kill me. The mother had influenced her to turn against me since I am in a polygamy. The food which was poisoned was in the pot and since the rest of the family members had eaten, it was aimed at me,” he said.

He also said that his wife wanted to extort money from him and went on to use their daughter. The businessman, who was being represented by lawyer Mr Gwinyai Shumba, said his wife had shown their daughter some financial documents, which motivated her to turn against me.

He also accused his daughter’s friend of fighting from her daughter’’s corner saying she could have been influenced by his wife. He denied buying food for his daughter from a fast foods outlet on of the days he allegedly raped her.

The businessman told the court that a toothbrush could have been used to supply material for the DNA tests, which proved positive.

He acknowledged that the medical affidavit produced in court pointed out that his daughter was violated, but was quick to suggest that her boyfriend could have been responsible.

Asked by prosecutor Miss Audrey Chogumaira to explain how he was arrested, the businessman said:

“I did not rape my daughter this is a fabrication by the mother. I strongly suspected that the DNA was taken from a toothbrush. The substance can be anything that is not semen.

“She (his wife) actually reported the matter. She went to the police and trapped me to get me arrested. She said she was not feeling well and said she wanted to go and buy some bread. When she returned, I came out of the bedroom and saw three police officers who then arrested me,” he said.

The State alleges that sometime in 2017, the businessmen would drive his daughter to her mother’s house in Marlborough at around 6pm from his Borrowdale home.

On the first occasion when he allegedly assaulted his daughter, he is said to have driven into the city centre where he bought her some chips. It is said that he then drove to a service station along Samora Machel Avenue where he allegedly told his daughter that they would spend the night since it was too late to drive back home.

The court heard that the girl woke up to see her father raping her in the car.

On another occasion which allegedly occurred in November 2019, the girl was left alone at their Borrowdale home.

The court heard that the businessman later returned home where he called his daughter into the bedroom and raped her. Accusations are that he then gave her some pills to prevent pregnancy.

The businessman is alleged to have raped his daughter in a car in Mabelreign and did so again later in Mabelreign.

The girl’s mother started noticing some suspicious behaviour reactions, which prompted her to question the daughter and she then gave the details.

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