Rape examination machine for Pari

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Rape examination machine for Pari Parirenyatwa Hospital

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PARIRENYATWA HOSPITALRuth Butaumocho Gender Editor
Zimbabwe will soon have a Colposcopy machine, used for examinations of victims of rape and sexual violence to ease congestion at medical centres as the country grapples with an upsurge of sexual assault cases.
The first of its kind, the machine is expected to expedite help rendered to rape victims so that they can get medical assistance within the stipulated time once examinations have been carried out.

The equipment from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) that would be installed at the Adult Rape Clinic at Parirenyatwa Central Hospital, comes against a back drop of increased rape cases, with 10 000 women having been raped in the last two years.

Speaking at the launch of the national action plan on rape and sexual violence in Harare yesterday, UNFPA country representative, Dr Basile Tambashe said the decision to equip the Rape Clinic was part of its efforts to triple Zimbabwe’s vigilant efforts in eradicating sexual crimes currently gripping the nation.

“The machine will be used to examine survivors of rape and sexual violence as well as training of care caregivers to care for the would-be survivors,” he said.
The machine would complement existing structures such as one-stop centres and shelters for survivors of gender based violence, which are some of the facilities that offer counselling and psycho support to rape victims.

“In our years of working with victims of abuse, it has come to our attention that one of the main barriers preventing survivors of gender based violence is access.
“Access is hindered by lack of knowledge of available services, lack of money for transport to travel to various service providers and lack of time to visit such centres,” he said.

UNFPA is working with the Government, particularly through the Ministry of Women Affairs Gender and Community and Development to achieve gender equality to eradicate all forms of gender based violence.

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