Rangers, poachers in gun battle Ivory


Isdore Guvamombe Travel Writer
THE Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority on Monday recovered 22 elephant tusks, 458 bullets and other accessories after a gun battle with 11 Zambian poachers in Kariba.

There were no casualties, although investigations and tracking had intensified, Parks spokesperson Caroline Washaya-Moyo confirmed last night.

“Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority rangers yesterday (Monday) had an armed contact with 11 poachers from Zambia,” she said. “The contact occurred along the Zambezi River at Sugar Estate crossing point.

“We recovered 22 elephant tusks, 3×458 rounds, 20kg of mealie-meal, 500g matemba, 250g salt, five torch batteries, one 50ml Colgate, four tooth- brushes, ibuprofen tablets, two plates, one pot, two shirts, one jacket, two sweaters, two pairs trousers, one pair takkies, one pair of rafters, one black satchel, five sacks and two Caro light cream.’’

The latest combat with poachers comes at a time when the Government has adopted zero tolerance to poaching and has arrested at least seven suspected poachers since the beginning of the year.

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