Rains, lightning and localised hailstorms expected Heavy rains

Elita Chikwati Features Editor

Light rains, localised hailstorms and lightning are expected in most parts of the country starting today until Friday, the Meteorological Services Department (MSD) has said.

In an advisory, the MSD said localised rains in excess of 30mm are expected in all Mashonaland provinces while small pellets of hail may occur in some parts of Masvingo.

“Watch out for light showers in almost all wards across the country.  Lightning and thunder is expected in all areas and localised wind gusts are anticipated, these can damage roofs and trees.

“When thunder roars it is best to be indoors. Do not seek shelter under trees or near poles or pylons. If unable to find shelter, crouch as low as possible and as far as possible from livestock. Avoid travelling in open trucks in the event of lightning,” warned the MSD.

Members of the public have also been advised to watch out for fallen trees and to ensure the area around your property is safe from this hazard.

“Drivers are advised to take caution on the roads as the roads may be slippery.”

The MSD said the rains will be a result of a cloud band from Botswana which is expected to bring in moisture through the western border of the country today.

“This should spread across the country resulting in scattered thundershowers and localised hailstorms, especially in areas that were sunny and hot such as Masvingo.

“Tomorrow, cool and moist south-easterly winds from the southeast coast of South Africa are anticipated. These should drive the rains northward and concentrate them in Mashonaland; thus moderate rain is expected in these areas from tomorrow to Friday,” said the department.

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