Pycroft to umpire at ICC Champions trophy


ZIMBABWE’S Andy Pycroft is among match referees who have been tasked with handling the International Cricket Council Champions Trophy 2017 which gets underway on June 1 at Cardiff Wales Stadium, Edgbaston and The Oval in the United Kingdom.

Chris Broad and David Boon, who are also members of the Emirates Elite Panel of ICC Match Referees, will officiate in the tournament.

Umpiring responsibilities will be shared between all the 12 Emirates Elite Panel of ICC Umpires, namely: Aleem Dar, Kumar Dharmasena, Marais Erasmus, Chris Gaffaney, Ian Gould, Richard Illingworth, Richard Kettleborough, Nigel Llong, Bruce Oxenford, Sundaram Ravi, Paul Reiffel and Rod Tucker.

For Aleem, who won the ICC Umpire of the Year award from 2009 to 2011, it will be the fifth ICC Champions Trophy, while Gould will feature in his third ICC Champions Trophy.

For Dharmasena, Erasmus, Kettleborough, Llong, Oxenford and Tucker, it will be the second experience, whereas it will be the maiden ICC Champions Trophy for Gaffaney, Illingworth, Ravi and Reiffel..

Ravi and Tucker will be the on-field umpires for the opening match between England and Bangladesh at The Oval on 1 June, with Oxenford in the third umpire’s room along with Boon as match referee, while Gaffaney will be the fourth umpire.

Umpire and match referee appointments for the semi-finals and final will be announced after the teams have been confirmed.

Appointments for Warm-up matches:

Fri, 26 May: Australia v Sri Lanka, The Oval (10h30): Ian Gould and S.Ravi (on-field), Aleem Dar (reserve umpire), David Boon (match referee)

Sat, 27 May: Bangladesh v Pakistan, Edgbaston (10h30): Richard Kettleborough and Paul Reiffel (on-field), Kumar Dharmasena (reserve umpire), Chris Broad (match referee)

*Sun, 28 May: India v New Zealand, The Oval (10h30): Aleem Dar and Bruce Oxenford (on-field), Ian Gould (third umpire), S.Ravi (fourth umpire), David Boon (match referee)

Mon, 29 May: Australia v Pakistan, Edgbaston (10h30): Kumar Dharmasena and Richard Illingworth (on-field), Paul Reiffel (reserve umpire), Chris Broad (match referee)

Tue, 30 May: New Zealand v Sri Lanka, Edgbaston (10h30): Richard Kettleborough and Paul Reiffel (on-field), Richard Illingworth (reserve umpire), Chris Broad (match referee)

*Tue, 30 May: India v Bangladesh, The Oval (10h30): Marais Erasmus and Nigel Llong (on-field), Aleem Dar (third umpire), Bruce Oxenford (fourth umpire), David Boon (match referee)

*denotes broadcast matches

Tournament fixtures for Pycroft:

Fri, 2 June: New Zealand v Australia, Edgbaston (10h30): Richard Illingworth and Richard Kettleborough (on-field), Nigel Llong (third umpire), Kumar Dharmasena (fourth umpire), Andy Pycroft (match referee)

Sun, 4 June: India v Pakistan, Edgbaston (10h30): Marais Erasmus and Kumar Dharmasena (on-field), Richard Kettleborough (third umpire), Rod Tucker (fourth umpire), Andy Pycroft (match referee)

Tue, 6 June: England v New Zealand, Cardiff (10h30): Paul Reiffel and Bruce Oxenford (on-field), Rod Tucker (third umpire), Aleem Dar (fourth umpire), Andy Pycroft (match referee)

Sat, 10 June: England v Australia, Edgbaston (10h30); Chris Gaffaney and Kumar Dharmasena (on-field), S.Ravi (third umpire), Marais Erasmus (fourth), Andy Pycroft (match referee) — ICC.

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