Putin speaks on relations with Trump Vladmir Putin
Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

MOSCOW. – Trust between Russia and the US has degraded under the Trump administration, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated.

During his presidential election campaign, Trump said he would like the US to have better relations with Russia. In an interview yesterday, Putin said that if Donald Trump had intended to bring about a thaw in US relations with Russia, he has failed to see this intention through.

“I would say the level of trust (between Russia and the US) is at a workable level, especially in the military dimension, but it hasn’t improved. On the contrary, it has degraded,” the Russian president told Mir broadcaster.

Trump’s repeated claims that he could mend relations between Washington and Moscow has fuelled accusations that he secretly colluded with Russia to win the US presidential election last year.

His administration is currently under a congressional investigation over alleged ties with Russia. Moscow has distanced itself from domestic US tensions, neither supporting nor criticising Trump officially. It denied preferring Trump to his Democrat rival, Hillary Clinton, during the election campaign and said it would judge his administration by its actions rather than its words.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Trump’s latest decision to attack Russian ally Syria over an alleged chemical weapons attack drew sharp criticism from the Kremlin.

Moscow considers the decision rushed, illegal and playing into the hands of terrorist groups.

Putin and Trump are yet to meet face to face to discuss the tensions between Russia and the US.

A meeting of the two leaders has not been scheduled so far, even though Moscow has indicated it is willing. – RT.

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