Public Service calls for Vision 2030 strategic plans Dr Vincent Hungwe

Tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter
The Public Service Commission has directed all ministries and their internal structures to come up with strategic plans by December that will help deliver Vision 2030 enunciated by President Mnangagwa. Fielding questions from journalists in Harare last week after addressing an induction workshop of civil service staff from provinces, PSC chairman Dr Vincent Hungwe said the PSC should transform itself to achieve Vision 2030.

“That (strategic plans) is what we agreed (with permanent secretaries), that not only line ministries, but we also expect the Public Service Commission to have its own strategic plans on how it is going to be working with all the line ministries and their departments,” said Dr Hungwe.

“We want to align our national system of governance to Vision 2030 and realisation of Vision 2030 is going to be critically dependent on our ability as a civil service to be able to effectively facilitate our delivery units right across all over the entirety of Government and all our delivery units are our line ministries and their departments.

“We want to see the PSC consistently articulating its role in the context of the functions it is going to play in order to ensure all line ministries, their departments and agencies come up with strategic initiatives that collectively lead to the realisation of Vision 2030.”

Dr Hungwe said they wanted a new Public Service for a new economy.
“In order for us to plan and implement effectively, the whole range of strategic initiatives that are required and also articulated in our transitional stabilisation programme and consequently to achieve Vision 2030 we need an efficient, effective and ethical, accountable, results-geared civil service and this is the conversation we have started with permanent secretaries,” he said.

“We are introspecting as the Public Service Commission and say how can we also better understand and articulate our mandate, the functions that we are supposed to perform, structures that we must have, the systems that we must put in place in order for us to perform the functions expected of us in the context of the new dispensation.”

Speaking on the political will to transform the PSC, Dr Hungwe said: “They (civil servants) cannot be doubting the President’s political commitment to this matter because the President is acutely aware of the critical role that the system of public administration is going to facilitate this process.

“And, of course, the appointment of the new set of permanent secretaries is even additional testimony at the political level that we have from the President and of course the participation and willingness to learn, the willingness to do things differently that we witnessed yesterday as we were walking through this process of adopting a new culture blueprint that is going to change significantly the way the civil service has always worked and that is quite exciting.

“There is some kind of a mini movement to revitalise and resurrect our system of national public administration so that it plays its critical role as one of the key drivers of our economy towards Vision 2030.”

Dr Hungwe said the success of the constitutional requirement of devolution was underpinned on the commitment of the civil service.

He said the PSC was going to roll out a national public sector transformation and modernisation strategy that ensures that the operations of all public institutions are underpinned by a new culture blueprint that exhibited a higher level of professionalism, ethics and accoun- tability.

Dr Hungwe said the general perception of corruption and non-commitment to work by civil servants should end.

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