Public must support New Dispensation sequels

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Public must support New Dispensation sequels President Mnangagwa

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Stephen Mpofu Correspondent
The carnal world in which we live appears to have reached a milestone on a journey to its end where its ruler, Satan, sensing his impending demise in the lake of fire — or where the Almighty God will finish him off — has become panicky and rendering everything topsy-turvy in his desperation for eternal salvation that he fears will finally elude him.

Look (yes, you) to the east of Africa and beyond; to the North and beyond; and to the West of the continent and far beyond it and chronicles of religious or political wars or of power struggles feature as the order of things with countless innocent lives also being lost.

Zimbabwe, then as Rhodesia, a British colony, experienced its own share of trials and tribulations during the armed struggle against imperialist occupation of our motherland during which many lives were lost in that just cause for liberation, freedom and peace which we celebrated on April 18, 1980.

However, the sweet trappings of power soon got the upper hand of those who found themselves in positions of authority in the Government and for whom the values of the revolution paled off into insignificance, leading up to the new dispensation that saw the government of founding President Mr Robert Mugabe shoved away and into the shade in November 2017 and with his First Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa taking over as leader of the new dispensation.

Endorsed and, therefore, entrenched into full power by the harmonised elections of July 30 this year, the new Government has a mammoth and yet commendable task before it and also as an example for non-state institutions to follow suite so that Zimbabweans may be justified for touting themselves as a Christian nation that must fear God and hear his voice in order always to follow his ways.

Corruption now rearing its ugly head in some Government institutions must be got rid of and done so with all the means at the disposal of state authorities, with the Anti-Corruption Commission leading the way, regardless of any whimperings from those involved in the corruption scum.

Trimming the work force to just the right size that takes home just the right budgetary allocation so that the Government does not run out of capital to finance vital new economic projects in the country as well as meeting any emergent needs in growing the economy should be the ultimate goal of the purge of corrupt elements in Government.

That those losing Government jobs will be retrained to play vital roles in other aspects of national development is a commendable sequel to the spirit of the new dispensation and must be supported by all those affected by the new change.

Of course, it is to be hoped that end of year performance appraisals will be carried out as a way of ensuring that those employees who survive the chop earn their keep or else are given short shrift as lame ducks so that they do not derail the good performance of other employees.

It is to be expected that when the Government takes measures to clean up the rot as exemplified by corruption in its own house, private institutions will follow suite so that the fear of God and of the law and of evil will permeate every structure of Zimbabwean society.

Today, many Zimbabweans must be rejoicing at measures taken by the Government to destroy the parallel market which has made life difficult for almost every law-abiding citizen by hoarding foreign currencies to which businesses have been demanding as payments for goods and services, thereby rendering our currency, the bond virtually valueless.

The illegal foreign currency dealers reportedly have gone further underground conducting their deals in private cars and obviously from other places not easily recognisable to the public.

As a follow up to the government’s commendable, anti-black market blitz, each and every Zimbabwean must take it upon themselves the role of policing their own communities and urban centres to ensure that the parallel market is dealt a mortal blow.

For instance, publics need to act as the ears and eyes of Government to ensure that no pharmaceutical company anywhere in the country demands payment in foreign currency after the government imposed a ban on this practice which had seen many patients facing certain death after failing to access drugs prescribed by doctors as pharmacies demanded the United States dollar or other foreign currencies for payment.

That way, when Zimbabwe’s publics abhor evil with all its trappings, this country can look to the future, confident that God’s blessings will be upon us until the second coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to end all the travails that humanity has suffered since creation.

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