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Psychological essence of bedroom colours

21 Mar, 2020 - 00:03 0 Views
Psychological essence of bedroom colours Bedroom colours depend on the age and personality of the owner

The Herald

Clodine Manyozo Home and Garden Writer

Colours have a psychological effect and everyone wants to choose colours that have a positive mental and physical effect on them, hence the bedroom is one of the rooms that need to be given a bigger percentage of one’s concentration.

It is a place of comfort and relaxation.  How one determines the design and colours that satisfy him or her is of great significance in aiding a peaceful and relaxed sleep which will ultimately contributes to a healthy living environment. Some colours suppress the warmth and the glow of happiness in a room and this is the last thing that one needs in their bedroom hence taking note of the colours is significant.

There are colours that are found in many homes and they are usually the dominating colours in a room.

Black is a neutral colour and it can have any colour to complement it and it will still look nice. It is a suitable colour for a bedroom on an energetic level.

In an interview, an expert in interior decor, Vincent Moyo, said black was among the colours that people were opting for these days.

“I noticed that I have a number of people who are placing orders on curtains and bed covers are running for black,” Moyo said.

Painting the walls in black can also give a good look to the bedroom complemented with any bright colour.

Colours can also set the mood in a bedroom as some are romantic, with a good example being red. Red portrays love, while a splash of black can help make the bedroom look darker.

Moyo said for some people, black and  red were regarded as sacred colours whose combination has a negative effect.

“Some people think that red and black are sacred colours so they can say a lot of negative things when I give suggestions but the best is to give them other colours like brown, blue and white.”

White is one of the best colours that can be used as the main in one’s bedroom as it shows purity, smartness and gives a bright view.

The wardrobe, couch, ceiling, walls or the cupboards can be white and it will look beautiful with some blue, green, red, or even black to compliment it.

Moyo said it was not a must to have two colours in the bedroom.

“One can put more than two colours in the bedroom. All that matters is to make sure that the colours look good together,” he said.

Bedroom colours depend with the age and personality of the owner. Teenagers and kindergartens mostly love brighter colours. Painting a girls’ room pink or purple is the best thing that one can do.

Due to the fact that girls grow watching cartoons like Barbie and Sofia, they end up wanting to live a life like them hence having the colours surrounding them can make their life happier.

A pink wall with a cover bed and curtains with Barbie’s pictures can be the best for the child.

For boys, it is green and blue which they usually love.

Having some printed cloth on the bed with his favourite movie, game or cartoon can be all he needs. 

Mary Chirubvu, an interior decor specialist who mostly focuses on covers and curtains for children, said it was wise to see what the child liked before one decided on the colour.

“There are children who do not like what the majority like, so talking to the owner of the bedroom is the best before making a decision.

“Despite the fact that one can ask the children’s opinion, they usually like bright colours in their rooms and this makes them have a happy mood most of the time because they will be surrounded by happy colours,” Chirubvu said.

The guest bedroom does not need any colour that might disturb the guest because it does not have specific individuals’ preference.

It is a room that one must take note of because it is meant to keep the guest comfortable. Grey is a calming colour and can be the best for one’s guest bedroom.

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