PSL clubs to receive Covid-19 relief funds

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PSL clubs to receive Covid-19 relief funds ZIFA president Felton Kamambo

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PREMIERSHIP clubs will each receive US$5 500 from ZIFA as part of Covid-19 relief package from funds received from FIFA and CAF.

It’s the same amount they were allocated when the ZIFA board first met to allocate funds to their affiliates.

There had been fears the PSL clubs would get less than what they were originally scheduled to receive amid reports the regions and the provinces were also asking for a bigger share.

However, the ZIFA leaders, who met on Monday, decided to retain the same amounts which they had allocated to the country’s top-flight clubs.

The money, though, will be paid in local currency at a rate of US$1 to $82.56.

This means the clubs will be paid $454 080 each.

This is part of the US$1.3 million bailout package from FIFA and CAF which was released last week.

Part of that money, US$500 000, is specifically meant for women’s football.

The association will receive a further US$500 000 from FIFA, for men’s football, in January next year.

“The ZIFA executive committee met on the 17th of August 2020 and deliberated on the following:

ZIFA executive committee will continue engaging affiliates and stakeholders for the development and growth of football in the country

Following consultations with affiliates, covid-19 relief allocations have been revised and will be distributed as per attached schedule.

FIFA has approved the payment of legacy debt project and the Association is pursuing the implementation of the following projects:— a) Infrastructure (Construction of basic stadiums) b) Youth Leagues c) Women League d) Purchase of buses e) Grassroots football. f) Construction of a new Head Office and Association offices.

The executive committee has approved the payment of statutorily computed retirement packages and golden handshakes for former employees, Sam Dlodlo and Tadious Machawira.

The Association will continue to consult stakeholders and affiliates on the safe return to football activities.

The Association would like to thank fans and members of the football fraternity for their support as we continue to work on plan for safe return to football.’’

ZIFA said they will use a rate of one United States dollar to 82.56 Zimbabwe dollars.

The payment schedule is as follows:

PSL Clubs (shared equally among 18 clubs) — US$100 000 (Z$8 256 080);

PSL Office US$10 000 (Z$825 608)

2021 PSL Referees entire season fees US$44 000 (Z$3 632675.20)

Regions x 4 US$124 000 (82.56)  (Z$10 237 539.20)

Provinces x 10 US$160 000   (Z$13 209 728)

Area zones x 4 US$10 000  (Z$825 608)

Futsal US$10 000 (Z$825 608)

Beach US$10 000  (Z$825,608)

NAPH US$5 000  (Z$412 804)

Tertiary US$5 000  (Z$412,804)

NASH US$5 000 (Z$412 804)

Referees US$10 000 (Z$825 608)

Coaches US$10 000  (Z$825 608)

National team Open players and technical stuff US$80 000 (Z$6,604,864)

National team CHAN players and technical team US$20 000 (Z$1,651,216)

National teams’ matches all age groups US$400 000 (Z$33 024 320)

Medicals & Equipment US$65,000 (Z$5 366 452)

Referees season fees (D1 to D4) US$66 000  (US$5 449012)

Zimbabwe Women Soccer League Clubs US$75 000 (Z$6 192 060)

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